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I've created a monster. And a downhiller.

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So we took the kids skiing for the first (actually second time but that was a long time ago) time.

My ten year old hasn't stopped talking about it since we went. "no wonder you like skiing so much." "Can we go again?" "That was the best Christmas present ever!" He was so pumped about it. VK took him through four runs, and the kid was carving like I couldn't ever. Parallel, no less. (We don't believe in teaching the Wedge, we are Pagans.) of course, he was linking two turns and crashing, but by the end of the day he was doing four or five...and getting better.

The twelve year old took off without waiting for instructions. I was afraid. He is the academic one. In no way could he be considered athletic, and I was sure I was going to find him in tears, in a heap at the bottom. But, when I got down there, he was standing near the liftline waiting for me. Apparently, HE remembered his first lesson.

so, the next few runs I tried to tell him to open it up a little, use the whole hill, traverse to take out the steepness. I demonstrated two turns. He followed. "Perfect!" I said. He looked at me like I'd just sprouted an extra head. "But I didn't go anywhere." he lamented. "all that work and I'm just a couple inches down the hill." he then proceeded to straightline it to the liftline, and once again, I had to catch up.

Family skiing rocks.
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Family skiing rocks
Couldn't agree more.
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My son has become my ski buddy. It is great.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
My son has become my ski buddy. It is great.
Same thing here. I've been skiing with my 9 year old for over four years now. We can ski the same hills and she doesn't slow me down. I just took a small trip by myself because she was in school and it wasn't as fun as I thought it would have been. I missed skiing with my "ski buddy"
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
My son has become my ski buddy. It is great.
Ditto: I had a brother -in-law who was getting pretty good to ski with but he went and got married, never comes up anymore. My 8 year old is the one who is pushing me now. Today he finds a shovel at the our home ski area and goes out and starts making jumps on the trails. When we go to MRG all he wants to do is ski Chute and Lift Line for the cliffs. I'm trying to get him to go to the ski club for race training so he has some people to ski with i.e supervise (while I'm out instructing) otherwise he will turn into a mountain rat. Family skiing is really great!
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Skiing with the kids is great. Just wait until they can do everything you can do; and then some...

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You don't even have a clue ....

A little ski monster is kinda' like a puppy. Your kid walks in with a cute little thing that "followed him home".

You don't know squat about dogs, but what the hell; it's a cute little puppy.

The "pup" starts to grow and the next thing you know, you have a St. Bernard that has taken over the house and eats like a horse.

The rest is too painful. I'll stop here.
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My wife pretty much retired from skiiing when we got married, so I saw no alternative but to grow my own ski buddies.

It was great fun from the beginning, and it just keeps getting better. At ages 16 and 12, we've come a long way from skiing at walking speed on the green dots; right now, they're still keeping up with me, but it won't be long before it's the other way around.

It's a blast when you find something for which your kids share the same passion as you.
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Last year my Kids, (now 12,9,9,9) wanted to start skiing. We took advantage of a 4 week program through our town. One didn't like it at all, one felt it was fun for the 4 weeks, of the other 2, they both enjoyed it.

My son fell in love with skiing the first day. The other of the two, wanted to dance more, so no skiing for her.

My son is now my skiing buddy. I had done only Nordic, until the kids wanted to try. I took lessons prior to their lessons, so i could ski with them. My son skis faster than i do.

It has been a lot of fun.
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My daughter became a very accomplished skier and was a good ski companion right up till the time she got her drivers license, then nothing. After a three year hiatis she skied with me again one time this year. I have my fingers crossed.
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Sometimes you wonder where the time went, and sometimes you wonder why the clock is moving so dang slow!

I'll admit, I enjoy skiing with my 4 year old most of the time, but the laps on the beginner hill and "Daddy, I'm scared! Slow down!" do get old after a while when you know she's easily able to handle it. On top of that it'll be a long time before the 3 month old triplets will be skiing, much less at a level which will be fun). So right now I'm in Purgatory (and I don't mean Durango!) waiting for the years to pass, the kids to get old enough to ski with me and to retire to the slopes.
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JohnH, I've been there and you have my sympathies.

I can recall a couple of those very rare Eastern powder days where I was stuck on the bunny hill with a 4 or 5 year old. As I did, you need to think of it as an investment in the future.

My kids are now 16 and 12. Trust me, not too far down the road, it will pay off bigtime.
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Just something to keep in mind from someone whos been there, when your kids get better than you, keep going with them and encouraging them. Personally, my family stopped skiing together when my brother and I could out ski my father, and we were then stuck at only our local hill. When your kids are young, youa re pushing them to learn more and more, and then when they get older the roles can change, and its like everything else in life, a parent should be proud when their kids exceed them, not discouraged.

And one thing you can try if you have little speed demons, remind them that anyone can go fast, but you have to be able to do everything right to ski slowly, so in order to ski fast, you have to be able to ski slowly as well.

But most importantly, have fun skiing as a family while it lasts. If you're lucky the family ski trips can last into 3 generation ski trips.
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I grew up skiing at a very community oriented private ski club owned mountain in New Mexico. My folks didn’t ski so I skied with other kids and I skied a lot. Once I grew older I stopped skiing. I couldn’t afford it and I moved around too much etc. A couple of years ago I moved back to Northern NM. One day I was out shoveling snow and I got the fever. I geared up and hit the slopes and have been loving it ever since.

I have a son who just turned 13. He lives with his mother in California, but last Christmas I put him on skis. He started out with five days of private lessons and they paid off. In no time he was skiing with me and my adult friends all over the mountain. We spent a lot of time waiting on the boy, but my friends and I were pleased that he was enthusiastic and would go down anything. He got to experience some deep powder days at Wolf Creek last winter and got in about 20 days of skiing last year between X-Mass break, MLK weekend, Presidents Day and spring break. It was great, but we were always waiting on him.

This Christmas there wasn’t any snow in NM, so we headed north to Crested Butte and Monarch for five days. The first two days were like old times. My son went everywhere I took him, but I was spending a lot of time waiting for him. Then, on the third day something happened. The boy must have had Wheaties for breakfast or something. All of a sudden he was hauling a**! In a role reversal, he was a dot at the bottom of the mountain while the 40 something adults stood panting out of breath halfway up the mountain. What’s worse, he became cocky and started making comments about us being old and slow! It was somewhat annoying. I found myself hopping he would have a massive, humbling yard sale….

That night, we had a little talk about how we had all spent plenty of time waiting on him and how he needed to be a little more respectful combined with many props about his improvement. The next two days were the best days I have ever spent skiing in my life. I guess what we talked about sunk in and my son was able to shelve the testosterone driven desire to dominate his elders… He often took the lead – deciding what to ski next and mixed things up nicely. “Hey guys,” he would say as we rode up the lift, “ I bet we can find some stashes over in those trees.” Or, “those bumps were great but my legs are trashed. I think it’s time for a cruiser.” He went from cocky to confident overnight and has achieved uber ski buddy status.

I just booked five days at Alta and Snowbird for us in early March. I’m looking forward to the greatest ski trip ever.
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