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Powder Mountain Paradise Lift

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I noticed that Powder Mountain was reporting that the Paradise Lift and the Lightning Ridge snowcats were not operating. That seems to cut out quite a bit of their terrain. I'm scheduled to be there Sunday, Jan. 22. I wouldn't think I should be worried, but could someone eliminate any possible worries for me?

On the other hand, I noticed Powder Country was open-- and I wouldn't think it would be if there were snow cover issues. Is it an elevation thing with the Paradise lift or what?

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It is supposed to snow pretty much every day between now and then.
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Yes indeed

Yes, the forecast is quite positive! Utah snow generally does come through.

I'm curious though, is so much of Powder Mountain being closed early season (and even now after Christmas) the norm? It just seems odd that the other SLC/Ogden resorts are basically 100% open and PowMow has so much closed. I know they don't have snowmaking, but they list a 58" natural base. I would think that would be enough. Especially considering that from what I've heard it's not ultra-steep or rocky.

-- Eric
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I was there on the 30th, Paradise lift is closed because it rained last week and washed all the snow away from the bottom of the lift. Powder Country was open and was nice all the way down. I wouldn't think there would be any problem later in Jan unless the snow levels rise again. Really limits the terrain without that lift though, that hidden lake lift is about the longest slowest lift I've ever been on.
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