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Help Choosing Skis

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Hello all,

Looking for some help choosing new skis. Currently ride Volkl P40 F1 Race Stock in 188. Great ski, incredible edgehold, but single in purpose, especially given my 5'7" and 155 pound frame. Oh, skier level 10, 27 years. Collegiate racer (UVM), instructor (Smeggler's Notch) and patroller (Stowe, Sugarbush). Now, just recreational maniac.

Looking for a ski that can do short, med, and long radius turns, that has unparalleled edgehold, that is unforgiving, quick, and that commands to be skied... no relaxation. Also, I never ski powder, so narrow waist is a plus.

Demo'd Atomic GS:9's in 180 and loved them. They can do everything except for bumps, but they are a little too forgiving and could be better with short turns. So, before committing, I'd like to consider some others. Here's what I had in mind to demo:

Atomic SL:9, SL:11
Fischer WC SL, WC SC
Nordica Dobermann WC SL
Volkl P60 SC Race Stock
**All Skis in 180 cm or the largest offered (if SL)

Please give me your thoughts on these or suggest some others (race stock as well). Thanks in advance for you help.
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If you raced at UVM, you definitely rip! Any of those slaloms are sweet, but you may find yourself in another ski that is somewhat single purpose. I'd try the Volkl 6 star or the Fischer RX 8.
I was also a college and USSA racer, and I never thought I would be happy with the performance of anything less than a race ski. I haven't tried the RX8, but everyone seems to love it. I have tried the 6 star, and I promise you, it WILL be high performance enough. All turn shapes, fast, medium fast, (not so much slow, they don't like slow speeds as much).

Of the SL's you mentioned, I'd definitely try the Dobermann. Check the gear reviews, I just posted a short review of them.

I just ordered a pair of P60 SL's (race stock), so as soon as I try them out, I'll do another review.
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