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I have to disagree about riding on the heels. I know what you mean about the fact that when your heel settles back into the pocket it enables your ankle to bend forward, which gives you the shin pressure you feel you want or need. I used to ski like that. When I was taking a race coaching clinic we worked on some things and it became apparant that just past the apex of the turn (fall line) when the pressure started to build up, my flexed angle would just colapse and basically my edge control through that part of the turn was not very good in highly dynamic or fast skiing. If however I made sure to push down on the big toe at that part of the edges have so much more bite. Try it some time. You'll be amazed.

Of course trying to maintain shin pressure and pushing down on your big toe is almost impossible. But that is not the part of the turn where you need to be pushing on your tips anyway. When you initiate your turn you might need to..particularly if you're using performance skiis. But honestly it does not take much with current technology to get them arcing and after that its all about maintaining a nice smooth pessure on your skiis through extension/bending and edge control. Its my current thinking that you'll get better edge control during the last 2/3 of a turn by pushing down on your big toe.