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HELP!! Machete FB advice

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So I have been looking to buy a pair of powder skis since the season started, but being a college student I am on kind of a limited budget. I ended up buying a pair of Machete FBs off ebay because they are so much cheaper than everyting else. I have never skiied Volants before, and no one else in my area really does either.

However, before I take them off to get mounted, I want to make sure that I am actualy going to be happy on them. Will they ski as well as any other similar modern ski in about the same waist? I had my heart set on some mantras, but they are just so damn expensive. Now I am wondering if i should just resell the Machetes on ebay and save up some more money to get a newer, better-known ski.

I am looking for something mainly for powder, but all mountain ability is certainly a plus. I am 6'5", 220 lbs, and I bought the 185.

So what do you guys think... will I be happy with the Machetes or should or wait for something else?
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The machetes are awesome. Check the reviews on this site, especially Jib's from last year. What surprises about this ski is not its powder performance, which is amazing, but also that it is awesome on the groomers as well.

If you are a good skier you will be very happy.

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I figured I would add some more information:
I am 19 and I pretty much ski everything, except for a lot of park. Right now I have the V-Pros in a 180, and the RX8s in a 175.
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You will love them.
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Originally Posted by dsbourke
I am 6'5", 220 lbs, and I bought the 185.
You are a big guy- The FB's should be a great ski for you. I have the "younger brother" V2 and have found them to be too soft and recently picked up a pair of FB's 185's also.
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have fun, ski hard and fast
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You might want to mount them back 1-1.5cm for better powder performance....I've known a few who've mounted on line and had wicked tip dive....your HUGE so turnability shouldn't be an issue mounting back....
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Ok, so i will definitively keep them, I am quite excited to see how they ski. Are most people mounting their's back from the line?
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A couple of people in here
recommend mounting back of line....
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DOOD!! If I was 19 and 30# heavier than I am (which would be 220#) I would SO be skiing the FBs in a 185. You are set!! Being as I'm lighter and twice your age, I am psyched to have just added the 185 V2 Chubbs to my quiver.:
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Your one issue with these will be if you have to hike for terrain. Mine are 12.5 lbs a piece mounted with Look Pivots. I've actually gotten something lighter to hoist over my shoulder when I go hiking at Alta and Taos.

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My 175's definitely aren't light. The extra weight shouldn't be too bad on a hike though. I will report back after I carry them through a few parking lots. I will probably ski them pretty soon. The snow in NY has sucked so far (for fats anyway... its been boilerplate for over a week), so it hasnt been worth taking them out.
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My wife just ordered these for me off of
VOLANT MACHETE FB 175 fat powder twintip 2004 NEW

Only $299.99...an unmatched price on one of the top-ranked expert-only powder skis.

Skis: Brand New 2004 Volant Machete FB (Fat Bastard) skis. With stiffer flex for high speed powder skiing. Designed by Shane McConkey.
Length: 175cm.
Turn radius: 21m.
Sidecut specs: 128,94,116mm.
Retail price: $800.

These skis won a Ski Canada Best Buy Award.
Here's what ski testers had to say about these top-ranked skis:
"The FB is Volant’s, and one of the industries, fattest traditional sidecut skis. Complete with twintip design, the FB is unstoppable in steep, deep powder.“
“A weapon of mass destruction….it’s wickedly fast and edges with extreme precision. It likes long and swift fall line turns. It’s buoyant in powder, aggressive and very, very stable.”
"Volant’s FB (Fat Bastard) is for the hardcore hucker. A dramatically stiffer flex encourages blasting through the crud or defying the laws of gravity through the backcountry."

Powder Magazine says about Volant’s new pre-mounted, floating 11mm risers—
“Dubbed the Flextech (made of fiberglass- injected nylon), the riser plate gives the ski a more natural flex, offers more turning leverage, and eliminates the hassle of drilling through steel to mount bindings”
With Volant’s sleek profile ski design and modest riser, the binding mount height is optimum for powerful yet stable skiing.

...as a late holiday gift.

I love her
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