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I pulled my old gloves (Marmot Randones) out the other day and they were moldy. Yech. After 7 years, it's time to get a new pair. I've always wanted the Marmot Ultimate Ski Glove. but I went to try it on yesterday and it was really bulky. I used to race in high school and wore racing gloves and the fit wasn't much different. I know that the leather will soften and mold to my grip after a little while, but I couldn't help but think that maybe the light, flexible Randonees were actually maybe more comfortable and better for me.
A couple of questions:

1. Will the Ultimate Ski Glove soften up after a day or two so that that they are nearly as maneuverable as the Randonees?
2. Will the leather on the Ultimates absorb water like my old Reusch racing gloves used to? (not desirable...they used to get wet, heavy, and then freeze solid)
3. What is the benefit of the leather on the Ultimates? (I have my own ideas, but I'd like to hear other opinions)
4. Name one other glove that I should consider and why.

What say ye Barking Bears of the EpicSki?