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Dinged Edge?

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Had my new skis out at Solitude about a week ago and noticed on the second day there was a dent in an edge right under the binding. It was slightly over a centimeter long. I deburred it and smoothed it out the best I could. Didn't notice any separation or other problems. Did I take the proper course of action? Or should I do anything else to make sure I don't catch it, pull it or further harm the ski?
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how bad is the gash?
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It's like a half inch dent in the rail with slight compression of the ski under the binding. I don't see any separation. I guess I could just keep it as my outside edge.
I just want to make sure it won't get any worse or eventually break.
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Maybe you should take it to a good tech at a shop. Definitely good work on the deburring. Not sure if it is warranteable though.
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I came down hard on a rock this weekend and bent the edge up into the ski. It did not crack or break but the edge is way above the plane of the rest of the ski. As well there is a visible bulge on the cap where this happened.

The tech is going to "pound out" the edge. My buddy in California had his edge replaced in a similar situation.

How good are either of these fixes?

I skied on it the rest of the day and it didn't deem to perform poorly.
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