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191 Volkl Mantra

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After reading about 500 mantra posts, it seems like everyone and their dog went with the 184 or shorter. So my question is: Did anyone actually buy the 191, and if so, how big are you, where do you ride, and what do you think. Especially in tighter spots.

Seeing as i'm lazy, (sort of) with 29 days on the hill so far this year, i still havent pulled the trigger on a new pair of skis, but the only real question is 184 or 191.

for background, im 6'2" 215ish 25 years old, solid level 9 skier live in breck. I'm looking for hard charging fattish all mountain ski, crud busting and stability at speed most important. currently running on mostly 190 gotama and 186 mad trix mojo mounted true center. LOVE the gotamas for anything deep, like them pretty well for chop, but too fat, not enough shape, and a touch too soft for all mntn all the time. Mad trix are also a blast, but with the center mount they're too squirrley for wide open speeds, and they dive in the pow. I know i could probably pull the bindings back, but i want to keep a fat jib ski, and dont want as much shape in my all mtn/wide open speed skis, so i would prefer to leave them as is.

The main down side to the 191 vs the 184 seems to be in the trees, but after a season on the gotamas, i really dont mind having to throw them around more when things get tight. granted the tails on the gotama are much easier to slide than the mantras and the twins ski short, but i'm not sure that i want to trade stability at speed and chop busting for ease of use in tighter spots. I also know that the tails on the mantra are going to be stiffer, so i dont want to go so long that i'm muscling everything. also, with the extra length i'm thinking that i can mount a 191 at the mark, whereas i think i would be pulling the 184 back 1.5cm, bearing in mind that the Gotama will always be the go-to-ski when it's deep, so i'm not looking at an exclusive powder ski. Still, I definitly want something robust for variable conditions, and wonder if 184 is a touch short.

Anyway, i would greatly appreciate any and all input, and thanks in advance!
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Originally Posted by good4nothing
I'm looking for hard charging fattish all mountain ski, crud busting and stability at speed most important.
Go with the 191.

I'm a tad heavier and got the 184 for my very day ski. On the 184 in crud, I definitely feel more length would be better. Also, keep in mind that the Mantra are very light. So they are very easy to throw around.

For me tight tree performance is more important, so the 184 was the right call.
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191's fo sure.

I'm 6'1, 185 lb, and would have bought the 191 mantra, even to ski only on the east coast. No interest in the 184 as a ski, too light and stiff for it's length...I don't like skis like that, I prefer softer heavier damper skis. I got some 186 head im88's instaid though, better EC choice for all around.
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I would demo the 191 before deciding

I'm about your same size, 6'1, 205, and went with the 184 mounted back 1.25cm off the line and found no stability issues at all with it

spoke with several Volkl team riders who weighed > 220 lbs and even they said the 184 skis better with no loss in stability

the 184's running length is actually longer by 1 cm than the 190 Gotama's you are on now, and it's stiffer than those as well

the Volkl team guy who had lots of days on the ski told me he felt it skis bigger than it is, a 184 skis like a 188 and a 191 skis like a 195, for what that's worth, and he had his mounted back 1.5cm behind the line

also take into account that most people are moving their mounting point back by 1.5cm to get better soft snow performance, so if you do go with the 191 and mount it back 1.5cm, it may ski really long and most demo skis won't be mounted back there

you really can't go wrong either way, but one will just be easier to ski all conditions (184) and the other better for big mountain/big drops (191)
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I´m a lot smaller than you as I am 180cm and 75kg. I don´t know how much that is in feet and pounds, but since you are 188cm and weigh close to 100kg you are definately a lot bigger.

If I should buy the Mantra I would without doubt buy the 191, and most people that I have heard about around here have also done so. The 191 is totally sold out while there still are quite a few 184:s and lots of 177:s left. I don´t know if you ski different terrain over there in america, but for me I would never choose anything as short as 184 for everyday use in a big alp resort. The common question here seems to be "177 or 184" and that feels really, really strange. Do you short ski users only ski trees all day? No big lines? Or do you ski hardpack and ice with 165 slalom carvers 9 days out of 10 so that when you change to a bigger 190cm ski it feels to clumsy?

I use the Explosive 190cm and AK Rocket Lab 195 most of the time. I use the AK Rocket as a easy-ski for days with difficult and fresh snow or days when I just feel a bit weak. That ski feels really small for beeing a 195. On hard snow I prefer the Explosive and I sure wouldn´t mind having a couple of extra cm:s on those sometimes, and I have never ever felt that they are to long however a bit heavy at times in strange snow and tight spaces.

"191 skis like a 195" sounds perfect to me. 191 itself sounds a bit short. The 194 ProRider or 193 Stöckli DP are skis that I find just about perfect in size. If I want something beefy I choose the LP and if I want something easier I would pick the Fischer Watea or a AK Rocket LAB. But to go down in length? Totally out of the question.

I demoed the 177 and the 184 Mantras. The 177 felt ridiculously short and I wouldn´t even use it on a normal day even if I got i for free. The 184 felt like a small and nimble ski that would be nice to use in smaller swedish resorts where deep snow don´t accur to often. But still it was way to small to use as a everyday big mountain ski. That ski is and feels WAY smaller than the 190 Explosive. Compared to older Asteroids 201 or M103 193 also the 191 Mantra is a small and quick turning ski.

When skiing only on hardpack I use a 175cm Fischer Worldcup RC and that feels perfect there so I have many days on shorter skis to. But for allround offpist use I would as said before choose the 191 Mantra.
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Yesterday was my FIRST day on my 191's...drove into parking lot while it was RAINING!!! (Beaver Mountain...Most Northern Resort in Utah)

After a morning skiing with wife, my 11 mo. girl in a backpack on my back and my other two kids, 7+8, I hooked up with a buddy of mine and we headed up the mountain to give em a go.

Both my buddy and I bought 191's.. I'm 6'2" 230lbs...He's 6'4" 240lbs.
We skied steep and deep through tracked out crud and chopped up bumps that had been rained on earlier in the morning and while we were there. (There was 8" new - 2 nights before). We also hit the trees to find out what these babies would do after months of deliberation on what ski and what size...

The mantra went through anything. We skied through tight trees to a point where we we couldn't go anymore..(too tight for walking) I didn't find it too stiff or too long or too hard to turn in the trees. This is the fattest ski I've skied on, so I was finding myself clanking the tips together a bit, but I don't see how the 184's would change that fact. I'll fix that with fat skiing technique.

There was a lot of ski, but I never felt like it was too much. It charged down the hill without any hesitation and ate up the bumps, crud, and untracked wet heavy snow like it was fresh powder...It was enexpectedly unreal on the groomers...it held and edge and turned really easy and could handle any GS turn with authority without a bit of chatter.

I can't wait to try it on some fresh UTAHpow...some new storms moving in now...we just need to get rid of the heat wave with it!
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Thanks all, keep em' coming, and i'll let you know how it turns out.
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3rd day on my 191's, today and the 2nd day fresh pow...great ski all around. They handle any type of snow under any condition (have not been on ice yet, but ice is terrible on any ski). They are even fun in the bumps, but you do have to work them a bit, but dang fun. Other than that they rock. I spend all my time hunting for pow and crud and it eats it up. I raced my buddy today, he was on allstars. I can't believe how they perform under high speeds...super solid and not one bit of chatter. It did take a few days to learn to ski the fat/phat ski, but I've got their number now. Hard to imagine such a versitile and awesome ski...enjoy... I will!
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UTpow, I went to USU and have skied the Beav and hiked Logan Peak a number of times. Hope you are enjoying the Mantras. Based on this past week, I agree that in the rained on crud and crust, the 191 would have been the way to go. I got killed in some nasty breakable crust this year and for the first time wished I had the longer ski. Generally the 184 has been perfect. For your size the 191 is without question the right ski for high speed stabilty and still having the abilty to come around. Enjoy your season. Wishing you some lighter powder.

I hope to ski the Beav again sometime. Its been a while.
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go with the 191 for powder skiing, i have the 184, and its not long enough for deep powder, although the 184 is great for all terrain. i am 6 ft 1 and 185 lbs

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Originally Posted by Steve Howze View Post

go with the 191 for powder skiing, i have the 184, and its not long enough for deep powder, although the 184 is great for all terrain. i am 6 ft 1 and 185 lbs

the last post on this thread is from 7 years ago.

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volkl still makes the 191 mantra, its just a slightly changed ski with a small amount of rocker, now. so its still relevant topic. i might buy a 191 fro resort powder skiing, here at mount hood meadows

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Sorry to dredge up a really old thread, but it's what I found in my search and it's spot on to my 'dilemma'.


I'm looking for feedback from anyone that has spent some time on both the 184 and 191 mantra (new rockered version from '12 on I believe?), I'm trying to decide between the two ...


My background would seem to indicate this is a no-brainer, but ...


Been skiing 190+ Volkls for, well ever.  I've had and thoroughly enjoyed 190cm Explosivs, and currently 191 Gotamas (gold), and 198 Katanas.  I'm 6'2", 215#, ex-racer / current coach (20 yrs), ski in 140 flex boots, blah blah blah. 


So my question is a little backwards in that I know I'll like the 191, but I need a ski for smaller eastern hills that is perhaps more maneuverable and well-suited for typically slower speed 'play'.


I'm still bitter about buying a pair of 177cm 724 Pro's way back when ... and I knew within seconds of being on them that I should have bought the 184's.  I don't want to relive that experience, but it's not an easy decision because I wouldn't consider a 184 a 'small' board either.


Any input would be greatly appreciated. 

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I have the 184 mantras, its a great all terrain ski. its a little short for deep powder, but will ski deep snow if its light enough. they are quick enough edge to edge for steep terrain and chutes. but probably not quick enough for eastern bump skiing

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