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First post, Legend 8000 or New Rossi B2/B3 or something else?

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Having only read postings for about a year, with a search most of my questions have been answered, so i have usually have no need to ask anything this forum is that good, but now i need to actually choose a new ski so thought i would ask for some help. Sorry if i ramble on a bit.

It is very difficult to demo skis in europe or uk, so i am going to have to buy them without trying which is not perhaps the best way, but no other choice. Ski in Europe most of the time, but try to go the USA/Canada once every 2 years

I am male, 42 years, 5 foot 8 inches, 170 lbs (plus all the kit weight, so on skis about 180lbs) have been skiing for 12 years, about 25 days a season. Reasonably fit, but could be better. Can get down everything that is groomed, or near groomed, in fact i seem to like steep and icy. (no idea why, i suppose its the grip and control sensation) Small bumps are not a problem, however very tight icy bumps are a big problem as are big steep bumps. Off piste is ok as long as it not too difficult. I use modern cross under technique and can carve well according to the last lesson i had (2 years ago in sun peaks). I like going reasonably quickly, but vary my speed a lot and enjoy lots of short turns rather than long turns.

My current skis are dynastar speed carve 63 in 170cm and Volkl Supersport T50 4 stars 168cm that i use most of the time. (and some rossi cobra x 167cm that i use as rock skis and for skiing with my 5 year old daughter as she ends up walking all over them, scratched is an understatement, they look like someone has used wire wool on them!) Both the volks and dynastars are both fast edge to edge and light skis which i like and do any turn shape. I also have some oldish bandit XX in 170cm that I find are truck like, they just don't do anything for me (i have used them so little they look new) and I end up using the 4 stars off piste as they seem easier to handle, the only thing the bandits are better at for me is chopped up crud, the 4 stars get beaten up by that and deflect everywhere.

I would like to do more off piste and so would like to buy a ski to do it, but also able to handle groomed stuff a bit as well. I would prefer a light ski that can do all sort of turn radius and doesn't require muscling about and going really quick to make it work. I would also like to use look or rossi turntable bindings as these i much prefer.

The list I have put together for what I have read is as follows

Dynastar legend 8000 in 172 or 165

Dynastar legend 4800 in a 170 ish

Rossi B2 about a 170

Rossi B3 about a 170

Old Rossi B2 (i tried these once in 176 while my skis where being tuned, they where a bit dull (no spring out of the turn) I also think they where a bit long for me)

A ski that i can grow into would be good, ( my 4 stars are great but the tips do flap a bit and they seem to not inspire confidence on rough trails, its like they wobble, can't really describe the sensation) the speed 63s are solid at any speed that I am capable off (not very fast compared to some people who go past me at times). Any advice would be welcome, or suggestions as to other skis I have not thought about.

Thanks. Richard
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Hi Richard,

from what you describe you wanna go for a All-Mountain doing all the jobs (that's what they are for anyway ). You seem to be focused on a pair being very good from edge to edge. For that reason I would go for a All-Mountain with a radius at or below 15m and a length not abov 175cm max. Have a look at the Atomic Metron series (B5) or Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous.

Regarding the binding I wouldn't care to much about this. Most skies come with a recommended binding and they're usually designed for each other (somehow at least).

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Thank you for the suggestions, I have never skied a nordica or a atomic before so don't really know the feel if you can call it that. Last winter (well spring) I picked up a pair of metrons in the chalet we were staying in to hand to the guy who owned them, I could not believe how heavy and also massively wide at the tip they were, he seemed to ski on them well however, he did complain that they were always wanting to turn and were a bit twitchy. Not sure if i could cope with a ski that heavy though. Have not seen many nordicas in UK, not sure where i would get them from?
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Your comment about the Metron B5 is true, at least when reading all the posts here, didn't try them myself yet. Also the weight, Atomics are pretty heavy skis in general (I owned a pair of SL 9.11, before they were stolen). I loved it however, it gives at least the feeling of high stability at any speed.
Ref. the Nordica, also never tried them myself, but they came on my short-list after doing some investigations in magazines and here in this great forum.
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I think if you are looking to do more off-piste skiing and want a ski that is good on groomed and also capable in off-piste powder/crud, then you really should consider the Legend 8000's. I think you will be surprised at how quick they are edge to edge. They are light skis as is the norm for Dynastar and the 8000's with a good tune have very good edge grip for icy conditions for a mid-fat ski they really handle a lot of terrain and snow conditions quite well. I have skiied the B2's and found them less to my liking. I do own the Bandit X series, which I love.
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How much off-piste skiing do you intend to be doing? If you still plan on spending more than 50% of your time on the groomed or in bumps I think you might be looking a little fat.

I might suggest the Dynastar Legend 4800 or Head i.M 72 as a better fit in that case. A Metron 11 or B5 is also a good idea if you like the slalom radius.
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Thank you for your suggestions. I basically want this ski to be the ski i would use off piste and when it snows alot to use on piste. So on a day with good snow they would be the ski of choice and when we go to colorado, utah etc.

With the bandits xx's off piste I find they are hard work, It is probably not so good technique as well, but I want something with a lighter touch, so i don't have to go so quickly to make them work for me.

What i am concerned about is ending up buying another ski like the bandit xx, I did demo them first and went off piste and enjoyed them, but what i didn't think about was the ski I demoed had been used for a few weeks, so it was much softer than the new ones I purchased. When i first went out on them it was a bit of a shock, in fact so much so i went and got them waxed (free at the shop) and borrowed the demos again!

I don't expect wide mid fats to turn as quickly as my speed 63's or 4 stars, but the bandit xx's seem not to like short turns at lower speeds and to get them to work i have to go faster than i would like to. However I don't want something as soft as a pocket rocket. Have tried PR's off piste once and it was fun, they bounced everywhere and were really easy to turn, but on piste they were, how do i put this politely... er... not good at all, it was like skiing on spagetti.

My bump and everyday ski is the 4 stars and will remain so, I don't really want to use these new ones in bumps unless they are big and soft. I seem to be rambling again, so will stop! but the next question is what length?


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Last season I demoed a lot of skis. Atomics K2s and Volks The Rossie B2 and others. Out of all the skis I demoed The one ski that impressed me the most was the Legend 8000. Before getting on the 8000 I was not a big fan of Dynastar skis. After hearing a few friends that I ski with rave about it I gave it a try. It is a lovely light and quick ski. It hold edge very well and it sure felt great at speed. Other skis were a bit better in heavy crud, there are wider skis that will perform better in deep snow. Over all the 8000 just did everything I ask and delivered more then I expected. mount them with look P12s and you will have yourself one excellent rig.
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Thank you for your input, from what has been said and what i have read that some people use the legend 8000 as a touring ski, so they must be quite light and reasonably softish, I think it looks like legend 8000's. What length is the next question? As I am going to use them as much off piste as I can I suppose 172cm would be the best, me being 5 foot 8 inches and 170 lbs.

The next item is last seasons and this seasons skis seem the same but the mounting point apparently has been moved back this season?, what effect will that have? I guess ( a rather uneducated guess) give more floatation, but make inititating turns less easy? and whats the difference between fibre and red models apart form the top sheet design?

Sorry about all the what will this do questions, and thank you for all the posts so far.

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I have one of the skis you do: the Dynastar Speed 63. I bought Rossi Bandit B2s a few weeks ago. I am 165 lb; I got 174s. I am not a very fast or agressive skier, so the rather mellow B2s suit me. I sharpened the edges to 2 degrees side bevel which improved the edge hold. I like them in all the conditions I have yet to ski them in, which does not include powder over my knees or spring slop or heavy crud. They are stable in straight running and go through foot-deep crud fine. Best of all, they are color-coordinated with my blue Look P10 bindings and navy blue pants! Very important at Beaver Creek.
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