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tryolia rail flex demo

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what do you guys think about the railflex and moving center?

Wouldnt demo bindings, even though they allow you to change boot size, serve a similar purpose and allow you play around with the center?
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Modern demo bindings usually have a fixed center and the boot length adjustment is relative to that fixed center. It would not be quite the same as allowing a particular boot size to float forward or aft of the center point, which is what you can do with the railflex (well, in -15,0,+15 settings anyway).

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The Railflex bindings can also be adjusted by changing the toe and heel binding position using the sawtooth retainer at the ends of the link. This allows finer adjustment than the 3 positions available at the center of the link. For example I can move the toe and heel forward by 5mm or 10mm using the sawtooth retainer.

The Railflex is much lighter than most Demo bindings. Better aesthetics also.
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