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Hello, Anyone had actual experience with Zipfit liners? Your impressions/thumbs up/down? Why? Thanks
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I put Zip Fits, the cloth liner ones in my 6 yr old Dalbello's 2 yrs ago. Luv em. Very good quality, snug performance fit. They weren't cheap, like $250 but they are nice.
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wondering the same thing I love my tecnica icon x but these are the coldest wetest boots I have ever owned,they get wet in the toebox & you have to take the liner out to get them dry every day,I have surefoot footbeds & these things rock but if a zipfit liner would help I would try them,has anybody put zipfits in tecnicas.
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I'm looking for Raichle thermoflex liners. They're cheaper than Zipfit and I'm told they're real warm.
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You should be able to still find those light but toasty Themoflex liners around in ski shops this season although Raichle/Kneissl is leaving the USA market. You can also check out
or among others. I have skied in Themoflex liners in cold New England and Montana winters and never had a problem with cold feet. Themoflex liners are also very durable.
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There is also a company called Intuition out of Vancouver that makes an almost identical liner at a slightly cheaper price. Comes in two thicknesses, 8 and 10 mm, the 8 being comperable to the thermoflex. I heard that the founder of Intuition invented the Thermoflex for Raichle. Some shop guys say it's better, but I find them both equally good. People love zipfits, though, especially if it's a fairly stiff boot.I'm a flexon+thermoflex convert, personally, and have spares stockpiled.
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I have now had 2 pairs of Zip Fit's with the leather insides injected with silicone. Be aware that they are now injected with a cork solution so they will be a bit different from mine. I have absolutely loved them. Won't ski in a stock liner again. Tight, warm, and very comfy because they mold to your feet. mine have been in Lange's and have helped my tiny ankles and narrow feet get a tight fit in the boots and be comfortable for a full day. I think they last a hell of a lot longer than the 20-30 days of stock liner. I'm thinking about 150 days in mine. The leather is very sticky and helps with heal hold down but makes them a bit harder to get into. No bad side from my point of view. maybe a bit heavy with the silicone, but nothing major.
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For more Zip-Fit information get in touch with Dalbello Ski Boots in Connecticut. There is a new lasted race version Zip-Fit that is much lower volume than the old. Also get in touch with Steve Ashley in Sun Valley for the Thermoflex liners. He is the U.S. distributor. Best of luck.
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