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Bamboo poles?

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Hello. I'm wondering how bamboo works in downhill poles. I'm asking because I'm trying to save space on a trip to Mt. Washington on April 19-20 or 21. I'll be going up on snow shoes whenever necessary, and coming down on skis. I have a pair of bamboo poles with cross-country tips and baskets that happen to be the right length for downhill poles. The problem is, are they strong enough, or otherwise unsuitable? I'm not too worried about the wide baskets; the slightly bent tips and weight have me a bit concerned. They will easily support my weight if I fall on them from a standstill, but I don't want to find out that they are too weak while going down the hill!

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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My 2 cents: If they're bamboo, they're old and who knows what shape they're in. If their use is critical to what you're doing, don't depend on them. Ski poles made of aluminum are very available and very cheap. Any ski shop will have rental poles to sell, and I mean for $5 a pop. Get those.
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Why not rent a pair of treking poles with adjustable lenght? You can usually get a pair with a ski baskey on them, and cost would be little. Plus they are collapsable. Any good outdoor/ski shop should be able to help you.
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Thanks, aluminum it is [img]smile.gif[/img].
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