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My Intermediate Demo List: Looking for Feedback!

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As I have posted in another post I am looking for my first set of skis, as I have been renting. As some of you know I am in the beginning stages of purchasing my own eqipment. I am 35 year old Male, about 180#', and 5'11". I really just started getting into skiing and really enjoying it. I have taken a few lessons this year, and my instructors say I am at about a level 6. I just started going down the green slopes, but the initial drop in still causes fear. I will be skiing in the East mostly at night, so that means lots of ice.

Here is the list I skis I have put together. I will be getting fitted for boots this week and I am hoping that these are available for demo. If not I guess I will see what people suggest or the best deal I can find.

Atomic M:9 or M:10----I am concerned the M:10 maybe overkill.
Rossi Z5
K2 Omni 5.5
Fischer RX-6

I am hoping for lots of feedback on my list. Also if you think I left something out, please let me know.
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I just finished reading a very interesting post. I still consider myself a beginner/intermediate skier. I wonder if I will even be able to know what I am looking for out of a ski, better yet be able to tell what is good and bad about the ski.
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i skied z5 for about 60 days last season and 15 days spring of 2004 it was a little wimpy at high speeds but a great carver may want to add rossi b1 to list both are solid skiis and will take you to upper ability levels
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Skip the Metron 9 and look at the 10. The Head i.M 72 should be on your list.
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River Hill, you'll be able to tell the difference, believe me.

Get out and try them, then let us know what you think of the different skis you try.
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As a corollary to the other thread we were discussing ssh, I like Raven's demo list here because it has a lot of different width and sidecut approaches to it rather than just 4 almost identical skis.

Of course, I then go and sort of sidestep that idea by recommending a specific ski which I like very much
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Thanks for the feedback. I am now starting to form my list and it is much better walking into a ski shop blind.
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My age, height, and skill are all very similar to yours. I just demoed Volkl AC2 @170cm and thought it was delightful, almost sublime. Perfect ski if I don't want to think about my skis (hope that makes sense)... but I worry that in a year, if not sooner, I could get bored with it.
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I am going to add the Dynastar 4800 to my list as well.
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That's definitely a good ski to look at.
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