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Racing gear troubles.

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This certain episode has kept me awake during nights for a while now. A few days ago, my mom decided to get me a pair of racing skis and boots because I couldn't catch up to others in my team, and that I was going to be going to a racing camp. I, for one, didn't thinK I could handle them in the first place. Also, I was only going to be racing for a year, so it seemed like a really big investment. Decided to ask some people at my local ski shop for advice. One of the guys who worked there was on my ski team, and he told me that from seeing me ski, he thought that I was trying ti kill myself.

"Besides," he says, "your skis are fine. They have a racing sidecut to them, and their construction makes them real soft, which is what a lot of racers are actually looking for."

Now I use a pair of Atomic SX-7's. They don't look like they'll go nearly as fast as a pair of Nastar 64's of Atomic GSII's. But I decided to trust him and save myself from spending a load of cash on a bunch of carbon fiber and metal. As for my boots, I asked if I could get them adjusted more for racing while I was getting myself some custom insoles. He said that my boots were low-mid end recreational boots, and it wouldn't have anything that would allow it to be adjusted in any way. Turns out he was right. Any attempt to adjust it would keep it from flexing anymore. Though he told me that for a one year thing, my boots were probably going to be fine. Now, I've gone through my first day at racing camp, and the talent and equipment that I've seen just blow my mind away.

Any opinions that will put my mind to rest and get me that much needed sleep that I'll need for the rest of the camp?
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Stick what you have for now. Just try and have some fun and work at your own comfort level and pace. The camp will improve your skiing if you keep this in mind. If you feel you eventually improve enough that your equipment is limiting you and you ENJOY IT then worry then about getting some better skis and boots. I started racing at age 48 for fun in a business league with no motive other than to try something new and have some fun. I eventually did get comfortable enough to justify some racing skis as I got better and also attended more race clinics. I have a teammate who races on what looks to me like 10 year old rental skis and he still has fun even when he comes in near last. His skiing has however improved dramatically.
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lots of info but the numbers ??

How old are you? How long skiing? On a development team versus travel team or HS racing? How much do you weigh? What kind of skis and size?
What part of the country?
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Check your PM (the blatant, unpleasant truth is there). Don't buy the gear. It won't help. Time, focus, practice, and most of all WANT.


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A pair of race stock skis and plug boots are going to end up holding you back rather than allowing you to advance. Be aggressive, take advantage of every second of training time you have, and most of all, follow your coach's advice- he's the one who can actually watch you skiing and probably has years of experience in both regular instructing and race training.
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All right. Thanks for the advice guys. I had thought buying this stuff would be a bad idea, and this only confirms it. I just hope my mom understands when I tell her...
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