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Are these good bindings? (older rossis)

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I´m getting new bindnings to my pist skis (Fischer WC RC 175cm) as my Salomon 912:s keep releasing on hard snow at high speeds or just when I put a lot of power into the ski.

I´m going to try Look/Rossignol this time. I have found a pair of Rossignol FKS 150, but I don´t fully like how the toe piece is constructed. I have only seen pictures of the bindning, so it´s not that I have tested it and don´t like it.

This is the bindning I´m interested in:

This is the old type of Look/Ross race toepiece. It looks a bit fragile with those plastic rollers, and also I´m concerned that it has a less elastic travel than the newer toepiece as in FKS 155/185.

The current FKS 155 looks like this:

The heel piece seems to be the same. Do anyone know the difference in performance between these two toe pieces? How about the acceptance of worn boot soles? The older toe looks a bit like a Tyrolia and with them I have had problems with my old boots as they didn´t hold them tightly vertically in the toe piece.
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Great bindings and great toe-piece.

Interestingly enough, the fat-looking toe-piece (GEZE) on the 150 is functionally the same as the current consumer-level look/rossi toe-piece, though stronger and with rollers for improved release. At the same time, the skinny toe-piece on the 155 is actually the OLD look 3D toepiece shaped to look like the new GEZE-based one.

In short the old 150 uses the new toe-piece and the new 155 uses the old toe-piece. Confusing, eh?

I don't know the stats of elasticity on the GEZE, but I would expect it to be the same as the consumer model currently in use on the Axial 140/P14. I personally use the 150's and have found them superb.
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The older toepiece was them same as the Geze toepiece which was an excellent binding system.

I wouldn't be concerned as I have used the older version on a few pairs without any problems with pre-release or boot toe mesh.
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Keep out the rust!

Great bindings, used them for years. You have to guard against rust getting into the threads of the (length) adjustment mechanism of the heelpiece. Just apply some wd40 sparingly now and then.

I didn't and after six years of use my heel piece broke when it pulled out the fully corroded threading. Luckily I was at the top of the slope just getting into the bindings.. otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here typing gladly!!
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