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PSIA-E Level III Exam Tasks

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I know some others are preparing for the Eastern division Level 3 skiing exam. Are you hearing much about common exam tasks? I have been told Whitepass turns are likely, but haven't heard much else.

Thanks in advance
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I'm not from Eastern, but I seem to recall others who are reporting Eastern lists exam tasks for the season on its website.
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We did alot of bumps,railroad tracks turns,whitepass,skate to shape. This was 2 years ago. Last year at Sunday River they were doing hop turns because of the amount of snow they had recieved. Be prepared for wedge turns, wedge christie,open parallel.Anything anytime anywhere!!

Good luck,
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I also hear there is Pain in the S turns and Stem Step. I've also heard if you are at a hard enough mountain, there may just be lots of skiing.
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At Pro Jam we practiced Traditional Stem Christy (with a step up hill - CM moves uphill slightly) and a Modern Stem Christy (CM stays centered betwen the skis while the skis are turned downhill into a wedge). Lani said either could be on the exam but the modern was more likely.

We also did lane changes on one ski.
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