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Binding Sizes

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Can someone please explain to me what the binding sizes mean? I am looking at the Neox Bindings online and here is some of the info I pulled up.

DIN: 4-12

The 81mm Wide Brake will fit up to about 88mm.

The 88mm Wide Brake will fit up to about 98mm.

The 99mm Wide Brake will fit up to about 110mm
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the mentioned width figures refer to ski width. typicall close to the skis waist width. wide skis need wide brakess.
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It tells you how fat your skis can be.

(ah, I see snowdan is faster than I am. To amplify):
The 81mm Wide Brake will fit up to about 88mm.
Means that the brake arms actually taper outwards / \ so that when you're clicked into the binding the ends will clear up to an 88m wide ski.

This is also highly relevant to fat + sidecut (All Mountain Carver and All Mountain Twintip) skis esp. where you might expect to mount the binding somewhere other than the manufacturer's mark, since the sidecut design will make the ski fatter at that point than at the nominal waist.

Why not just make 99's? Because they'll make vulnerable little outriggers/amahs on any ski thinner than what they're meant for.
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