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Originally Posted by James Golick View Post
I would, more than anything, be worried about them losing my skis.

I recently had DHL lose a package, and they didn't find it in one of their warehouses for over 3 weeks. That would certainly spoil a great trip...

Coincidence: I am also James, and UPS lost a package for me, for about 5 weeks.
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I *always* carry-on my boots. Skis you can rent, boots are much more difficult and personal (especially if your feet are as bad as mine).

Just roll up and stuff a couple pair of ski socks and some underlayers in the boots (make sure you don't do it too tightly or you'll mess with the liners), wear your shell+midlayer jacket onto the plane, and you're good to go. Most medium and smaller boots will fit into a standard-sized rolling carry-on bag. Bring your helmet in a smallish backpack with your goggles and gloves stuffed inside and your ski pants in the bag, and you're good for at least a couple days of skiing with rental skis if worst comes to worst.
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Shipping skis UPS/Fedex?

Due to all us - asia mail now being shipped by AIR mail only from general post offices, it usually takes 5-7 days for you to receive your package. Depending on the weight, it will be the cheapest to use regular postal services and may range from $30-$120. (I mailed a PC, minimal clothes, etc... in a box about 55 pounds and it cost me $120).
Fast and expensive: You could ship UPS, FedEx, etc... it will take about 2-4 days delivery but will be about 5 times the amount of regular postal services. FedEx, UPS are great for important items for safety reasons, but it is costly.
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Originally Posted by dougiefresh View Post
Couldn't help but weigh in with my idea on how to protect your precious and hard won ski trips just a bit more. For my money Ty Webb and others above have it turned around a bit. Having had too many ski trips spoiled by late arriving, or worse, TOTALLY MISSING luggage, my wife and I have taken to packing what we call 'Dooms Day' bags. We carry on a light bag with one set of ski clothing essentials including goggles and gloves. It's a much lighter load than you might imagine if you put a little thought into what to shlep along. From sad experience, we've found that if you have the ski CLOTHES, you can always rent the boots and skis to get you by until your gear gets there. But ever try renting CLOTHES? We have, and it doesn't work well. Heck, in a pinch, you can always wear your ski clothes for a day or two around the resort in apre ski mode. But for my money, there's nothing sadder than a dude standing there with boots and poles --- in street clothes. Been there, done that!
I would rather ski in my own boots in a suit and a tie rather than in rental boots in $650 spyder bibs and jackets. But that's just me....
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I shipped my skis to Seattle last summer via fedex when I skied on Rainier (we went to LA first for 4 days, and I just couldn't see shlepping them around to and from the LA hotel in August!). I packed them in a good quality ski bag, padded with some ski clothing; an ice axe, crampons, helmet, and assorted other junk fit in there as well. It arrived on time with no damage. Maybe I was lucky, but I have never had a problem with fedex, and it was cheap.

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Forget DHL

see below


Press Release

DHL Express to focus its U.S. Business on its core international services


  • U.S. Domestic-only services end January 30, 2009
  • International shipping to/from U.S. remains intact
  • Will reduce U.S. operating costs by over 80%
  • U.S. stays an integral part of DHL’s global network


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I recently used FedEx Ground to shipped two pairs of skis from DC to SLC.  The shipping took about 4 business days, so plan ahead.  One way cost was $45.  The skis were packed in a double Sporttube measuring about 70" and weighed in at 50lbs with $500 insurance.  Also stuffed my shell, ski pants, gloves and baselayers into the tube.


I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Great experience. Dropped it off at my local Kinko's, tracked it online, and had the hotel arrange pick up after I printed out the shipping.


This was a multi-destination business trip, so definitely cheaper in the long run and less hassle.  I didn't check the possible baggage fees from the airlines, but I figured $25 (2nd extra bag) + $20 oversized... each leg.  Actually just checked Delta policies and they have a 61-83" oversized fee of $150 (wtf!?!).


Carried on my boots, helmet, mid-layers and goggles... checked business clothes.  In hindsight and observation, my boot bag and garment could have both been carried on.


Plan ahead and use the online tracking...



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None of the airlines charge for oversized skis.    If you do ship Fed Ex, don't use any of the expensive services.  I just dropped my Rodney Dangerfield sized golf bag at Fed Ex/Kinko's for $40.

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 Delta charges $15 each way for ski bags.  All the airlines treat the combination of a ski bag and a boot bag as a single checked item, so $15 for both, each way, or $30 roundtrip.  


I check my ski bag and carry on boots and ski clothes.


So far, airline fees are still working out a lot cheaper than FedEx/UPS for me.

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As we were checking a double ski bag and two other items, the counter person for United at Jackson WY airport made sure to mention to us that United policy of no more than two pair of skis, poles and bindings inside the double ski bag  was about to start being enforced.  She did not say exactly when, and we all had a good laugh about our bag really not having anything else inside , she said this trip we were good to go, it was just a curtesy reminder for future flights.  United Premier associate status allowed us to check three bags and carryon two plus the personal items without extra bag charges.

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I am surprised they allow a ski bag with two pair of skis -- a lot of people do it (including me), but I have heard about other folks getting busted.  Some of the airline rules are specific about only allowing a single pair of skis and poles in the bag.


I think the key is to make sure the bag is well under the 50lb weight limit, so they don't have a reason to hassle you.  I usually put skis, poles, helmet, snacks, and assorted doo-dads in my ski bag, plus maybe one extra set of clothes just in case.  Been coming in around 35 lbs.

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Originally Posted by skier219 View Post


 Delta charges $15 each way for ski bags.  All the airlines treat the combination of a ski bag and a boot bag as a single checked item, so $15 for both, each way, or $30 roundtrip.  


I check my ski bag and carry on boots and ski clothes.


So far, airline fees are still working out a lot cheaper than FedEx/UPS for me.

Not "all" the airlines. I had a short arguement with American agent, web page print out in hand. But she insist to inteprete it one way. (the printed policy was ambigious) As I was late to check in, I didn't have the time to go up the chain of command to get it my way.

Still, on the return trip, it WAS treated as one. And only $15 was charge.


Pricing aside, I also found Fedex/UPS shipping not being too practical in many cases. Most of my trips ends on a Sunday or a public holiday, when UPS is not open. Fedex is slightly better if you can find a Kinko's at the resort. Still, it's one more thing to be concerned with. One more stop between the base lodge and the airport. Compare with stuffing the skis back in the bag after skiing and hurry to the airport 5 minutes later.

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New here, where does one get the sport tube for skiis?  Anyone Know the extra charge for skiis being over 60 inches" on United?  Checked with Fedex, told me 17 bucks fm CT to WY.  U/A is 20 so it's basically a wash except for the possible 60" limit.
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 Google sport tube and you'll find many retailers.

United doesn't charge extra for skis unless they exceed 50 pounds. You can usually fly with 2 pair and stay under the 50 pound limit.
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FYI, Just Fedex'd 2 pair from NJ to UT for $39.00. One (big) less thing to carry.
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How were they packaged?
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Ok, assume a sport tube.  Just trying to figure the best way.  Those tubes are expensive.
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Frontier counts the ski bag and the boot bag as one item: I paid $20 for each way.
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Had to respond. We just shipped skis via Fedex and I've never been so mad in my life! Although we allowed 1 week for them to they would be there in 3 days),  they were 3 days late for the vaca, causing us to spend on rentals, buy ski pants. We called and complained, finding that the equipment had been held for two days on the road. No issues were written up on the tracking report. They later claimed it was because of weather, but when I checked the weather on the route, there had been no blizzards, storms, etc for that week. THEN when shipping them back, we requested that they hold them at our local Fedex because we were out of town and wouldn't be home to recieve them. They actually delivered them and they sat on my front porch for a WEEK. Unbelievable. FEDEX JUST DOESN'T CARE.

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