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Offpiste Riders

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Where do you draw the line in skiing/riding off-piste and head for the groomers? Are you one of those skiers/riders that enjoy self-abuse and ski/ride off piste till it just isn't fun anymore. Example-I'll try anything once 1/2" of rain crust on top of wet powder. Winters back in the PNW.
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No such thing as off-piste here in the mid atlantic. Therefore, when I get to a ski area that has off-piste skiing, I'll spend as much time as possible there. It's not self-abuse, it's fun, challenging and every run is different.

Because of our small hills here, I'll also look for long, steep, well maintained groomers once in a while or if my legs have burned up from all the off-piste bumps. If off-piste is fluffy and soft, I try not to go anywhere near a groomer unless I have to.
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If it's fun, it isn't abuse. Powder or good crud is more fun for me than dull, boring packed runs. I ski cruisers when there's nothing else fun to ski (and crust is not fun), but I don't buy a ticket for a cruiser day. The dullest cruising runs are those with no character...no dips, no rises, no tree islands, just smooth, big turns, and even pitch. Dull, dull, dull. To much summer grooming with dynamite and bulldozers makes for a dull ski trail.

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if there's a MOSTLY non-breakable crust below the crud or pow, I'll skip it. I don't like it when you have to work the crust-breaking into your skiing. kills the flow.

if it's coral reef, I'll skip it. too hard to ski, even harder to land safely when you wreck, which is inevitable on reef.

if it's really wet & heavy, I'll probably ski it for only 1/2 the day and then hit the groomers or the food/drink.
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I ski off groomers all of the time except:
When the surface is so icy that it's dangerous.
When the snow is so heavy and deep that you can't get moving.
When there is the aforementioned crust.
And there was one time last year when there was a combination of very heavy, deep, windpacked snow with a light icy crust that was in a category all its own.

If I have to ski groomers I don't ski long. The bar makes good money off of me on those days.
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