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Skis for wife...

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Hey Bears,

I am looking to get my wife some skis for her birthday and I am not sure what I should be looking at. Before I get into the questions here are her ski stats: 23 years, 5'7" and 120 lbs, and she is a level 3 beginner skier.

Having never bought skis for a woman or a beginner (I rented when I started) I am not sure where to begin… Perhaps I shouldn’t even begin and she should rent until we are sure it is something she can do and wants to do. However, given the fact that she went from a level 1 skier to a level 3 skier in about 30 minutes with my crappy instruction, I am comfortable that she will pick it up very well as she actually begins to take some real lessons when we visit Colorado in January.

The way I see it is that if we have 8-10 days of skiing this year I will be dropping $200 to $300 on rentals. It seems that we might as well invest that cash into a set of skis and boots which she can use from year to year. While up front the cost is higher, if she picks up skiing and enjoys it then the return is there… with renting we are just throwing the cash away. If she doesn’t pick up skiing I can always sell the skis as lightly used.

So my question is for a beginner of her level, what would you guys recommend? Given the fact that she has learned quickly I would like to put I her in a low level intermediate ski so it is a ski that she can ski for a few of years – say 3 or so. I don’t want her out-skiing the ski within a year or so as then the purchase would be no better than renting.

Given all of this, does anyone have any ideas as to where I should start or some skis to look at? I was looking at the Volkl Attiva S1 and AC1 and both of those sounded like skis she could handle. I also looked over K2s t-9 women’s specific series… speaking of which should I be focusing on the women specific skis or is that unnecessary? Anyway, I will end this long winded post now, and hopefully you guys/gals have some suggestions as to what a good ski would be for her. As always thanks for the help!
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Hi KD & welcome to Epic

I would review the FAQ thread:

Boots should be your first consideration. What does he have now?

Where do you plan to ski?

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Take a look a Dynastar's Exclusive line. They typically get high marks for women's skis, and you can usually pick them up cheap on ebay. for example: mdZViewItem
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Thanks for the replies so far. I will definitely look in the dynastar line for women.

I did check the the sticky thread FAQs on the main page about where to begin. Living in Chicago, about half of our ski days will be limited to "glorious" midwest skiing, but i figure we will get about 4-8 days out west a year.

I agree that boots are definitely the most important thing and that is why I did not even bring them up. I do not want my wife to go into that process with any ideas about what she will be getting. I will leave that to the bootfitters to decide.

As far as skis are concerned i just figured going in with an idea about what is out there would give us a good palce to start when we head to the shop to check out skis. I am really just looking for some suggestions of a good place to start for women's skis for a beginner. Thanks!
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I bought my mom a pair of Dynastar Exclusive 8s for $179 at Colorado Ski and Golf; you can pick up the same deal at That was w/o bindings, which you can also find cheap somewhere.

My mom's about the same size as your wife, and 64 years old. She's been skiing forever, but definitely just a nice and easy blue cruiser these days. Good luck!
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Volkl option

My sister was in the same boat last year. My brother in law got her the Volkl energy 320. She has been very happy with them. They let her carve, they forgive, and they pick up just enough speed so she can advance her skills a bit. You can usually find them reasonably priced.

She let me try them, mostly because she wanted my opinion, and I was surprised at the response I got from them. They were just a bit too soft for me but still performed well.
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"Skis for wife." Sounds like a deal. What skis are you offering? I can fedex the wife.
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Given her level, here is my recommendation: rent high performance skis suited to her level this year, and plan to buy for next year if she really takes to it. The reason is that, as you note, she'll progress quite quickly at this level, moving through various ski types as she does. Especially with coaching time in Colorado, she's likely to progress to a level where the Exclusive Legends, K2 One Luv, Atomic Balanze 11, or similar ski will be suitable. Before then, though, I would be concerned that some of these skis (if not all of them) may hold her back from advancing.

The short version: one more year. Rent demo skis (not standard rentals) this year (after she gets the boots!) and let her pick near the end of the season.

BTW, make sure you have her fit for boots by an alignment specialist, not just a bootfitter. In what part of the country will you be looking for the boots?
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Do NOT waste $300 on rentals! Look at Fischer Vision line. For your wife I would recommend Vi20, or may be Vi 30 if she is athletic enough, etc., <150 cm. I got a pair of Vi30 04/05 model for my wife this season and she loves them. The skis are versitile and very forgiving for the progressing beginner, and let both skid and carve. They are all-mountain (which is not always good for an expert, but great for beg/interm, especially if you are planning to have only one pair).
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vov, what will you do next year when the Vi20 isn't enough ski for her?
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I understand the logic behind renting performance skis for a year to help her improve, so she doesn't have that is underperforming because she has gotten better.

But if i can get the dynastar exclusive 8 for $139 and a set of marker m1100 bindings for $100, that is going to cost the same as renting skis for the season, so if she does improve to the a higher level than those skis will allow her to ski then i am no worse off. But, if she doesn't imporve as quick then i have just saved myself a second year of rental fees. Especially since either way i have to get her a set of boots it makes sense to at least get her on something.
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kdubs, not a bad approach, as long as you recognize that you'll likely be picking up another pair next year. That's the point I'm trying to this level, it's likely that she'll advance enough to be ready for a higher-level ski nexts season.
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Hard to see you going wrong with k2 first luv 149 if you insist on buying...Volkl Gamma 320 a little more demanding but a lvl 3 should be able to handle em...again not bigger than 149 at 120 lbs and low skill lvl....some of the others mentioned here would work too.....

My wife is about a lvl 5 ( ski's slow open parallel turns)and she loves the Volkl gamma 149. Trust me, she is no speed burner....just ski's smooth and slow...I paid $249 in a close out at prefrd shop.

most importantly....boot, boots boots......renting a ski is ok...but you are right....likely by the time you are done renting ski's you will have lost money.
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Thanks for all of the feedback. All of the suggestions really helped give me a good starting place for buying her skis. It seems like there are quite a few options out there for women's skis so this shouldn't be too difficult of a process for her and me to figure out... once we get a good bootfitter/aligner to set her up in the right boots!

P.S. ssh i am in the chicago area and will likely get her fitted for boots out here.
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If you really want to buy this year, you can always sell them at a swap next season if she progresses to the next level.

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