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Right ski bargain for 14 yr old?

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I have a friend who's asking for bargain ski recommendations for his 14 yr old. I found a couple of skis on EBay and I want to be sure they fit his needs.

14 yr old boy
130 pounds
intermediate skier - comfortable anywhere, any speed, but doesn't carve yet.
good athlete
want carving ski that won't overwelm him, yet will grow with him

2004 Nordica Speedmachine 12XBS - 154cm
2004 Dynastar Skicross 9 - 162cm

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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The Ski cross is a great deal right now, I see them at $160. They accept the Look Nova binding, these can be found for $60 plus S&H.

I would encourage the parents to insist on lessons. The Skicross requires carving skills. The ski might be too much for the 14 year old unless he is willing to become a more advanced skier.

Besides that, its a great all around performer.

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Thanks Michael. How about the length?
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I think both of those skis are going to be a lot of ski for a 130lb kid.

I understand your desire to get him on something to encourage him to get his skis on edge, but I think you have set conflicting goals by asking for this in a ski, along with the ability of the ski to "grow with him". Most carving skis are fairly demanding and do not provide a lot of "growth" factor, imo.

That said, only one such ski pops into my mind that fits your combined criteria, and that's Rossi's Z5. It is fairly forgiving, yet is a true carving ski that he won't out grow quickly. A close 2nd would be Fischer's RX 6, but that's a lot of ski as well for a 130lb kid.

A real good choice for now would be Fischers RX 4, but he'd out grow that in a year or 2. They can usually be had on ebay pretty cheap, so that may would lighten the $$ impact over time, if that's your concern.
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Originally Posted by youngsman
Thanks Michael. How about the length?
The 162cm length is slightly long, but most 14 year old boys will add size quickly at this age. The 162cm fits a 135Lbs to 170Lbs person well.

Unless his parents are physically smaller than normal, I would go with the 162cm.



(Edit) Coach13 has tremendous experience with youth skiers, I defer to him on this one. In a sense we are saying the same thing, The models your are selecting are for advanced skiers. I like buying gear that a skier grows into, but this can be risky if the skier cannot advance quickly.
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The bargain hunter chips in

Hi there,

I agree with previous comments. Dynastar makes very fine ski's though and I found a slightly easier one which looks verrrrry suitable (also length wise) and well priced (I expect Coach13 will agree):

http://cgi.ebay.com/Skis-Dynastar-skicross-7-154cm-w-Look-nova-binding_W0QQitemZ8741039348QQcategoryZ26349QQtcZph otoQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

If I were a 14 year old I would be very pleased with these ski's...although I'd probably want twin tips with narly graphics (oops I'm 30 and have exactly those)

Good luck
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Get him Atomic GS:9 Junior 150 cm. They can be both skid and carved, and are good for progressing. The older GS9 models are all fine. Match them with Neox 310 bindings if yuo can, ideally 05/06 since they are about 1 lb lighter than the previous year model. Good luck!
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Don't underestimate 14 year olds, they are usually very agile and adaptable. What makes sense for an adults learning curve IMO shouldn't be applied.

Don't forget the "cool" factor, thats huge.
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