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Hi all,

Just got back from a snow laden week in the Austrian alps (Schladming in the Dachtstein Tuarn area).

I was using a whole new set up, the 2002 Dynastar Candide Pro @ 180, with new Rossi 120's, and the main subject of this review: The '04/'05 Atomic T11 in translucent lime green!

I'm an expert skier, 6ft1 (185cm), 94 KG. During this ski trip I was also doing some teaching, therefore slow skiing and a lot of waiting around on the slopes.

I did get in some nice powder time, though not as much as I'd like due to my rule of not going off piste solo....

Anyway, the boots. I found them very smooth from the get go, with no real difference due to temparature swings on the mountain. Responsive to minor pressure inputs and solid in really fast arcs. Not too siff though.

As I expected I will have to have them fitted slightly, I was just breaking them in. The canting adjustment worked really well though, eliminating a strain on my right foot. The overall feel of the boots was good, with nice even flex, and suitable for powder also (for the strong skier). The buckles were pleasant to use, and the boots reasonably easy to get in and out of.


These boots are still a bit cold (I'm told the previous model was a nightmare in that regard). I'm not one who gets cold feet easily and it happened more than once (outside temp: -9 Celsius)

They are not watertight, snow will get under the front overlap and melt leaving you with wet toes the day after. I have to note that my previous Dachtsteins with similar contstruction never had this occur in 14 years of service!


I would recommend this boot to others (provided they fit, that's personal), however I do believe that there are higher quality finished products out there. My brother's Salomon X wave 9's just seemed better quality, no cold or wet feet there...but hey, they're not translucent lime green haha!

Just a short note on the ski's as they are a mucht older model and therefore the review is not so relevant:

Great in all conditions. Not a naturally fast ski (2 mm steel edges slow it down) it is stiff enough to handle real speed (was clocked once at 40 mph). Also nice for noodling about at slow speeds though you will have to slip those turns. Didn't get much airtime. I'll leave that to the younger crowd....Love these ski's though. Have another brandnew pair in shrinkwrap which I was thinking of selling, I'll keep em now though! Found my ideal binding position through the use of Rossi rental plates under my Axials, will have those replaced by a race Marker, and move the Rossi's to my new ski's: Blizzard Titan 8.2...

Happy skiing