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SLC to The Canyons

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We are 3 Adults & 1 Child looking for transfers from SLC Airport to & from The Canyons arriving on Sat 14th Jan.

Can anyone recommend any good shuttle companys.

Not looking for anything fancy (like stretch limos etc) just standard transfers.

Thanks all

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If you're staying at The Canyons, you'll be the first stop. Might as well book the shared van.
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Great links thanks.

Have you or any one used Park City Direct Shuttle


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I booked transfers through the concierge at the Marriott we are staying at in Park City. It was cheaper for us to get our own private van, $105 each way, as opposed to 33pp each way for a shared van. The company is called City Express Transportation. - or something like that. Not 100% positive.
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