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mantra 177 or 184

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its real difficult for me to decide which mantra im going to pick up.

i ski the blacks/double blacks at crested butte all season.

it is a lot of very steep, open terrain, with cliffs on the extreme
but as you go down it gets into tighter trees on the lower mountain.

we only get about 250" annually, so i wont be getting lots of powder riding in, mostly chopped up and bumped out.

i am 5'11". 165 lbs. have skied since i could walk, im 19.

anyone with mantras tell me how they are in trees.

i know a few of you are from tahoe and places like that, and i didnt see any trees as tight as CB trees there when i went
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I found the 184 a handful in tight trees, the stiff tail wants to lock in to a longer turn. Had no problem getting it to come around pretty quick on steeps, so maybe If I would have spent more time in the trees would have liked it better, but still, not nearly as easy as a Got or PR. The 177 would probably be better in that regard, never tried it, but I would think a twin or something with a more forgiving tail would be a better way to go for tight trees.
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whats your height/weight?
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I'm your size minus about 5 lbs.
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where do you ski?
how long have you skied?
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I am 5"8 165, I ski the 184. If your hucking and skiing big Mountain terrain definitly go 184. Even though they have quite a bit of shape they still pivot and butter turn nicely in tight spots and trees.
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I should have noted I only skied a couple runs in the trees so it's cetainly not a thorough evaluation. Most of my time on them was in more wide open terrain at Snowbird where they definitely ripped way better, but I took them out at Deer Valley to try the groomers and took them in some tight trees for a couple runs. The snow conditions might not have been the best either, but that was my impression, some guys that have more time in the trees in more varied conditions probably have a better take.
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