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Salomon Scream

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I found a great deal today at my local sports store for the Screams with bindings for about 450 cdn dollars, they look pretty fat and the guy said they would be great in powder and crud, so I bought them (boxing day only deal). They're 180cm's and I believe they are powder skis, so did I get a good deal? Anyone have experience with them?
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Oh it's a salmon scream limited.
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If you are a fairly light skier, that is a very nice softer snow ski. If you are over 180 lbs or so, it may be a tad soft but if you keep the speeds down, you should be OK.

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80 under foot not really a powder ski, nice all mountain ski
$450 ya fair price, if you dont like them resell for $300
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$450 Canadian?

So that's like $20 US, right? Good deal.
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The Scream Limited is the 1080 without the upturned tail. They have been described as the SuperMountain reincarnated which isn't a bad rap. I skied the SuperMountains as my crud/powder skis for 2 years and loved them. 80mm under foot is narrow for a pure powder ski but its now considered ideal for a western all mountain ski. They should work out well for you where you live unless you weigh a lot or ski at mach speeds.
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I'm 220, and I do have a habit of skiing fast on groomers...but I mainly plan on using these for black diamond runs where I'm not skiing as fast. I mainly got them because my pair of Scratch FS's are terrible in powder, but I still like them for groomers and I can go quite fast on them.
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