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What Do You Think? SL Race Ski Advice

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Further to my first post, I'm presented an opportunity to pick up either a 150cm SL9 or 155cm P50 SC Racing.
Given that I'm 5'7" 160lbs (former racer a long time ago, and getting back into the sport) and 95% eastern hardpack/ice skier, which would be better as an "all-round SL ski to not only rip short turns, but also carve medium-arc turns?

I know the 150 cm SL9 has a 111-65-96 dimensions, with a 10m turn radii, and the P50 SC has a 111-63-99 dimensions and a 11.9m turn radii. I expect the Volkl to be more stable (relative) due to its longer length, however, the Atomic is slightly wider underfoot. Not sure if the width aids in stability per se, but would expect the Volkl to be quicker edge-to-edge.

Do you think the Atomics will be too short for me to carve medium arc turns if I wanted to?

Thanks in advance for your input! I really appreciate your recommendations!

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Perhaps someone else can confirm this, but I heard that for racing the minimum permissable length had gone back up ... I think it is 165cm now. So if you plan to do any races then these are probably not 'legal' any more.
Any way, I am about the same weight as you, although 5'9". I ski pretty aggressively (used to race too) and now ski a 160cm Head iSL. I certainly would not want to go any shorter ... in fact I have a pair of Atomic Supercross S11's for when I really want to carve it up GS style. I would have thought that with your weight & (making assumptions here) likely ability that 150cm is on the short side, even nowadays. I guess it depends also on how often you're likely to end up in the soft stuff & want to avoid sinking.
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Thank you for your reply. I too have heard something about permissable SL lengths, but to be honest, not an issue, as I am no longer racing, nor plan to really. I know the 150cm is probably too short, but on the fall line, they must be a delight. I'm just wondering if at speed, if I were to carve a med-arc turn, and I remain centered on the ski, whether they'd be OK, considering the wideness of the tip, and (for a rec-race SL ski) a relatively wide waist.. I know logically a 155 cm SL ski would be better.. just curious however if anyone tried a shorter than ideal SL ski, and what they noticed..
BTW, good point on the powder/western skiing, I'm sure I'll sink like a stone anyways. These will be purely goomed/hardpack east ski...
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I think both the slalom skis you have picked are too short. I ski on a 160 SL ski much of the time. I can't really imagine going shorter for an all around ski. plus I think the a real short slalom ski will be a little hard on your knees. I think you should be looking a Race carver/Skier cross ski in a 165-173 length with a 15-18 meter turn radius. race carver examples Atomic GS 9.21, 2003 head iRACE, Dynastar speed carve PC. Skier Cross ski example Atomic Supercross SX-11, A head XRi 13, Dynastar skiercross 10
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Great advice above by NordTB.
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I think the P50 SC Racing is a great ski especially in the 155 length. It is better than other short slaloms in medium radius turns. It is also less demanding than its competition. For an athletic, good skier I would have no trouble recommending it for an eastern all day, every day ski. If you've been completely off skis for a few years it will be a tough adjustment though.

In general I agree with NTB but I am not completely in favor of recommending that you walk away from the great deal. Conservatively you will probably be better off with an all-mountain ski like those he recommends. If you were a good racer with many years under your belt, never liked non-race skis and are in pretty good condition I'd say the P50 SC Racing would be pretty much in your alley.

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It's my understanding that USSA isn't enforcing the length rules until next year.
My experience is that those short slaloms are pretty specialized and make pretty much one turn. I ski Elan HCX in 163. They make a variety of turns and even do pretty well in a NASTAR course.

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As Nord says, under 160cm and you'll need to be sure to bring another pair on your ski journeys to give yourself a break from the shorties...

A much fun ski is the Fischer World Cup SC - at 123mm in the shovel, it looks like a monster, but they're a blast! Go 160-165 and it will do all you are looking for, and quite a bit more forgiving than a race ski. You can learn to feel what it's like to really lay over the ski with these. At 190 lbs, I can ski the 170cm at 35mph+ and they handle it no problem, and then switch gears to demo linked, reaching SL turns and the do that with aplomb. They hold on eastern "hawdpack" just fine. Smile and feel like a hero everytime!
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I currently ski a Stockli 160 SL. The last few days last season were spent on the 156 SL's. At 170 (aging) pounds, I had no problems but the Stocklis may be just a bit stiffer than the Volkls.
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