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I lost my children!

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My 8 yr. old son to playstation: and my 16 yr. old daughter and an ipod and boyfreind :that's learning to board:.
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First lesson in parenting: you can't make anyone do anything they don't want to do. Not for the long haul. Remember how I used to lament that my girls didn't ski during high school? They're back raiding my quiver again now that they're in college.
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I got to admit that its getting harder to keep everyone together for a day at the slopes. I guess it's the by product of having kids who happen to have lives .

My wife and I are a little sentimental for those years when they were younger and we all moved to the same drummer .


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Originally Posted by Springhill Crazie
My 8 yr. old son to playstation: and my 16 yr. old daughter and an ipod and boyfreind :that's learning to board:.
Sorry Crazy Woman, I think I may have mis-gender labeled you over in the lounge.

My sympathies for you and your fashionably disorientated family.
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Nolo, thanks for the reminder. I was looking forward to getting in some family ski time over this holiday break but they all have different priorities. I should be happy to be free but with my bum elbow my zeal is rightly tempered by caution. I think we are all on the same page for next Monday.

Micheal, family time is always special and ultimately worth the extra effort.

You got the gender right the first time, Fastman. I'm the one that introduced my future wife to skiing, since then the responsibility of family ski time has been mine. Or maybe you're inferring that my opinions expressed in the lounge are less then manly?
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AND Springhill, you are a conformist? AND your children would be?
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Springhill - I feel your pain. Well sort of. We got to do a lot of family stuff ourselves last week including skiing, movies and celebrating the New Year.

I was planning a CO trip for the family when the kids were on Spring Break, but they don't want to go this year because they went to CO last year. I guess I'll go to CO for a week by myself and go to FL with the family when the kids are on break.

My kids have all the game stuff too. We have a Playstation 2, a Game Cube and a couple of Game Boys. The kids got Dance Dance Revolution with a couple of mats for Christmas and that's pretty much all they've played last week. It'll keep 'em in shape for skiing though.

Maybe we can share parenting (mis)adventures @ 7 Springs Sunday.
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You can have mine.
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It's hitting me too, now that my older kid is a high school senior. Nolo, thank you for that shred of hope. I would give her my best skis if she decided to raid my quiver. Let's see if she even comes to ski with us when she gets in to college...
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