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hockey stop

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i am having some trouble doing the hockey stop.can someone give me some instruction as how to do this.thanks
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codyblank, welcome to EpicSki!

What is happening when you attempt to do a hockey stop?

What is your intent in doing a hockey stop?
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thanks,when i try to do a hockey stop i lose my balance and edging and would like to have some advice.
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As a preliminary exercise, do some sideslips in which you repeatedly roll onto your edges and bring yourself to a stop by rolling your knees toward the hill, then release your edges by rolling your knees away from the hill and resume the sideslip. Great for refining your fore/aft balance and your edging skills. Make sure through the entire drill you remain balanced right on the middle of your foot, and your skis remain always perpendicular to the falline.

Doing that drill might make the transition to a quality hockey stop a little easier. There are others, but give that one a go first and see what happens.
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...and one way to tell that you're in the middle of the skis is that you don't slip forward or backward, but rather straight down the hill.
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Originally Posted by ssh
...and one way to tell that you're in the middle of the skis is that you don't slip forward or backward, but rather straight down the hill.
That's straight down the hill sideways. If your weight is forward, your ski tips will drop toward the fall line (as in start a turn that way). If your weight is back, your tails will drop.
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Hockey Stops

Rick and Cody, I was teaching the other day sideslipping with the knees in ther hill, stand up release edge slide, engage knees into hill stop. Then the person asked me to teach him a hockey stop. I demo it but didn't really know how to verbalize or break the demo downto steps. Can you help me and Cody. I've donethis move soo many years I have just never really thought too much about it. We thank ya!
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Straight run, rotate femurs into a sideslip, tip skis into the hill to a stop.
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Lito Tejada-Flores....covers this very clearly in his breakthough on skis dvd

www.breakthroughonskis.com to order

Sideslipping is covered in detail....with great visuals.
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Twist the lower half one way twist the upper half the otherway - keep facing downhill - or you do a 180, 360
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Try starting the hockey stop from a low position, rise up and turn your skis as you are rising, then sink back down on your edges to stop.
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Visualize a slide into home plate!
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