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Where to stay @ Windham?

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We are planning a two day trip to Windham (stay over one night, maybe two) during the MLK weekend. Their website links to 2 or 3 places, all kind of $$ and with more ammenities than we dont need. I am looking for a clean place to sleep and watch tv at night with the kids. Close to the mountain (< 5-7 miles) would be great.

Any suggestions?
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I was thinking of Christman's, but it is one of the places mentioned on their website. Why don't you PM one of the Windham instructors on this site. I believe that Stache is one, and there is at least one other one. I know there are a few motels right off of the Thruway, but they are then around a 40 minute drive to the mountain.
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Thanks NYskier - I did just that and found a nice Inn - at least it looks nice on the website.

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