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East this week??

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Planning a trip later this week out of NYC area and would be interested in suggestions and/or real conditions folks are skiing in NY/NE region. Just checked out weather and conditions in Catskills / Berkshires and it doesn't look promising.
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Hi Ts01,

Dispite the weather, I went up to Belleayre on Saturday. It was relatively empty, and although many trails were open, the conditions were poor.

I did not expect better, but went with the glass half full attitude. The snow was heavy, wet, and mushy over a layer of either very dense and hardpacked snow or ice.

On the way home I stopped to get gas at the service station just after Kingston and ran into people coming back from Windham. They said conditions therer were the same.

We are going to do Butternut and Catamount on the 1st/2nd respectively. If you are going that way let me know, perhaps we can meet. I'll be there with my 9 yr old.

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Thanks Scott. Poor conditions are OK especially if the crowds are low. But I'm afraid later this week may be the worst of both worlds.

I'll let you know if we do end up at Butternut or Catamount on your days, it'd be nice to meet you.
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Jiminy Peak

will recover, if it gets cold. They blow snow and grind the sit out of the ice. They know how to groom, sorry no bumps.
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Jiminy it is, this Fri - Sat (Dec. 30/31). If conditions turn much better than expected we may do Sat at Berkshire East but they've got so much more open at Jiminy that putting up with the crowds for a second day is probably worth it.

Scott, I doubt I'll get out the next two days ( 1/1 and 1/2) but hope you have a good time at Butternut and Catamount, and hope we'll have a chance to meet up one of these days. For what it's worth I was at Butternut last 1/1 - no matter what, you'll have better conditions this year, last year's warmup was even nastier. But get out early, as you no doubt know the crowds are overwhelming on holidays (esp at Butternut).
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