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Anyone tried the new Rossi Scratch BC?

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Hi everyone!

I'm getting a bit nervous...
The thing is that I have bought a pair of the new Scratch BC and I haven't tried them yet, still really don't know when I will have the chance... And since it is late December I'm sure some of you guys have tested them out atleast a few runs. So what are your impressions of the ski? How does it handle groomers? Is it as sweet in the powder as one can asume?

I think I have made a good decision, since it is selling out on the stores that I have looked at...

Thanks for the help!
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Scratch BC

Everything I have heard is good about this ski...I was about to buy them...but am going to the Big Trouble from Dynastar.

Both models...based on my countless calls to several knowledgable folks are a good park/all mtn. easy skiing pow stick...as compared to many of the "bigger mountain stiffer boards..."

I have been told there matte black...Is this true??? Cant tell from the web pics...
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Yep, they are sort of matte black, it is supposed to look like a tagged street or something, looks really poor if you look close, but good if you look from a distance...

I tried my skis for the first time now, and they totally kicked bottom! The were really wonderful in soft groomed runs, nice and steady big turns, but still easy to get around when it got steeper. You don't feel the width like you think you would do with a ski like this... And they were wonderful in the pow, no chance of diving! I did some smaller jumps and drops with them aswell and they were good there too... The stiffness made them good when dropping, they didn't slap back at you, they just quite calmly skied along like nothing happened.

The only bad thing about them is that they are heavy, which i noticed a bit in the spinning, they do take som effort to get around, but a 360 or a 180 is no problem! Unfortunatley i only got the chance to try out some 180's but the skis managed them without any problem, they were nice to land switch with, even though i got the mounted at the Standard-line...
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Thanks for the update....I ski a lot of tree's and was afraid of the weight a little bit....but that ski has 30 Degree sidewalls, which the Rossi Rep..says it will help with making it quick,,,,so that is what your probably noticed...a quickness.

Sounds like you got the right set of sticks...
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