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I think their are snow conditions like a one inch frozen crust on top of 18 inches of powder where a snowboard will be faster then skis. Then there is the issue of old skis versus new skis. As you know there are directional snowboards with hard boots that are much faster than the traditional snowboards.

There was a study done a few years back with a radar gun on 1000s of anonymous skiers and riders at 3 different resorts. The data collected showed on average skiers go about 3 miles per hour faster than snowboarders.

I think the answer is: "it all depends"
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I have yet to ski terrain where I would be faster on a snowboard than on my skis.

I do both, and although I ski better than ride, I'm still a strong snowboarder. Skis are inherently faster, by a lot.

Also, somebody mentioned that boarders build up speed before crossing large flat sections so that they don't have to walk. So true, the worst thing about boarding is when you have to walk across the flats that you didn't have enough speed to cross.
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What about this (my observation):

skiing is allways faster (there is a pow race in France of skiers vs boarders and skiers win. (hell they take out their 130mm waisted 220cm skis versus 210cm long swallowtails - only with very very fluffy snow that is at least waist deep boarders win.)

1. You can never achieve the same inclination on a ski that you can achieve on a board.
2. You can build up higher G-Forces (on a proper race board) on snowboards.
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Originally Posted by Maddog
Dis is a joke right? Troll! What?!?!? The current speed skiing record is:

Current Men's Speed Ski World Record = 250.790 km/h = 155.834 mph by Philippe Goitschel


Here is the record book page beginning way back in 1930 with a 105 mph speed, WOW on wood!!!


The best I could find on short notice for snowboarding speed was:


search for darren powell. he did 201 km/h in Les Arcs. His actual WR snowboard was on sale on ebay a few weeks ago but for 1000 bucks noone wanted it. 250cm long. (maybe he only did 196.6 kmh but someone else did the 201.
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The Jeremy Jones thing, he can ride super steep terrain because by leaning in on his toe edge he has such a sharp angle to the slope, where a skiier would have more trouble. He does make some very impressive turns as well.
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Yep, Darren's still the fastest snowboarder on earth. He reckons no one will ever beat his time, as they now start the speed runs lower on the Les Arcs course. The fastest one legged skiier, also an Australian, I think (from memory) beat the 200km/hr mark last winter. So even a one legged skiier is faster than a snowboarder!
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