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I have been eyeing up a pair of Teneighty Guns, wow they look like a nice pair of skis...but it looks like it isn't going to be much of a season for me!

check out the webcam at mount washington:

yikes! only 5cm of snow! It's pretty much the only mountain I can go to easily being from Vancouver Island and all....all the other good hills are on the mainland and I would have to take a ferry and a long bus-ride to get to any other mountain essentially ... while I could do this every once in a while, it really puts a damper on things.

what's worse is that I have a seasons pass for the mountain as well, which was actually from last year but they decided to honour it this year since the mountain was closed most of the time (due to little snow as well).

I'll probably get to go to Whistler and Big white a couple of times, but that might be it if things don't turn around for mount washington.

That being said I have also been looking at a new xbox 360 as well. Trouble is is that I only have enough fun money for one of them, not both.

I already bought a game in anticipation of the 360, since I would be getting it eventually, just a matter of when I'll get it. So I could either get the 360 now and wait till next year to get the skis, or I could get the skis and wait till the summer (the next time I'll have some money to spend on it) to get a 360...

I was going to get the skis originally and wait a bit longer for the 360, but then all this bad weather came and now I'm not sure, so now I'm leaning towards the 360...but then you hear all these things are happening with the 360 like overheating, it ruining discs, and all the glitches and bugs it's having, and all the horror stories from customers dealing with customer support.... and then the uncertainty of when and where you can actually buy one since supply hasn't met demand...

maybe you guys can help me decide.