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Public Enemy vs Karma

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Hey, this is my first post on this forum and i'm looking to buy some skis. At 17 I am 6'0" 155 lbs an have been skiing all my life. Started out at Jackson Hole and moved on to Squaw (have skied just about every inch of it.)
My selections are somewhat limited by my price range, however i have connections at K2 so I can afford Volkls or K2s. I have spent most of my time off-piste in past years but am looking to frequent the park more this year so i need a twin tip. I've been looking at the Public Enemys and karmas. Any advice or comparisons would great
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both are great skis, the biggest difference is going to be what equipment are you used to? What brands have you skied before? The Karma and PE, while both great skis, will turn differently, my personal opinion is that the PE will be more toe driven while the Karma will be more whole foot driven (when turning - has to do with the placement of the narrowest part of the waist, although I might be a bit off on the Karma's).
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Have not tried the Mantra, but the PE is an excellent choice. If you really are interested in the 'park' then this is the ski of choice for most on I have ridden the PE for 2 years now and it is great in the park and on the mountain... You definitely should get the 179 if you choose the PE...
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Havent ridden either. Although I have been reading a LOT of reviews, demo results, threads etc. If you are going for one ski that you want to also use in the park the Karma is meant to be awesome, great all mountain ski that can really hold a carve, powder, turns in bumps, and is meant to be really good in the park. I wont be using mine in the park rather deep pow in Japan.
So if you are wondering about the Karma, awesome ski. I dont ride the park so have no interest in the P.E.

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From what I've read the PE is also a great All Mountain ski if you don't have the funding for the Karma. I'm going to be trying out my PE's for the first time tomorrow, i'll give you a review. I'm 5' 10" 155lbs and got the 169 PE's.
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You can't go wrong with either- the PE was last year's hot twin and the Karma is the hot one this year. If you prefer a stiffer flex, the karma has a titanal sheet in it whereas the PE is all wood.

Go longer in either for both park and all-mountain use- 174 or 179.
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Haven't ridden the Karma, but the PE is definitely a great all around ski. You can get some great deals on last year's PE's. Solid ski, not a toy.
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Am going to have to try the PE.
Ordered the Karmas yesterday

the karmas apparantly are AWESOME on piste.
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Hey, I just got back from skiing @ Loon in NH. I have to say that as much as these skis were hyped up they performed as well as i would have liked them to. It definately took a few runs to get used to the skis and they tend to want to swivel around but i guess that's all twin tips. I found that I could carve and make turns without a problem. They were a little damper than my previous skis and that threw me off a bit. As for speed, I didn't think they went as fast as I would have liked them to go but that could be due to the slushy conditions. Overall, I liked the skis a lot and am glad with my choice. THe only thing is, i'm now more inclined to try to do tricks. I almost made a rail but ended up falling on my two attempts and I ended up getting a black eye and busting up my shoulder from trying to do a 360. (my fault though)
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thanks guys, I think I'm just gonna have to try them both out.
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I have Karma's in 177cm. I'm 5'10" 170, and I absolutely love the karmas.

I've had them in crud at high speeds, and they are very stable. Great for carving, and they fight hard to grab on ice...i was impressed. Haven't had them in powder yet, so I can't tell you about their performance in fresh. Fun in hte bumps.

I'm glad I spent the extra cash on these skis!! I have solly 914s mounted.

good luck w/ whatever you buy. Won't be disappointed w/ the karmas though.
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Originally Posted by Snitch
the PE is also a great All Mountain ski
I'm 5' 10" 155lbs and got the 169 PE's.
Word up!
I'm 5' 8" 185lbs and ride the 169's also. I tried the 180's, which i liked more in deeper snow. But the 169's work better on more varied piste. I take it everywhere. However, i can push the speed envelope on hard groomed. The laminate construction saves you at high speeds.
o yeah... i have the older white ones that are 80mm under foot. How do the new ones at 85mm ski? I skied the HEAD Monster iM88's... I could tell "these are wide." And stiffer than my PE's, if that's what you're looking for. but anyway...a great ski.
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Never skied the old PE's so I can't tell you how they ski compared to the 80mm ski. I like them though, it just took a little while getting used to the wide ski but once i did I was able to carve them no problem. I really think it's just the skier's ability to carve them that makes they good carvers or not.
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I'm a 44 yo man, 5'10 165. Never thought I'd be skiing on gangsta looking twin tips - but after demoing a pair of PE169s last year at the urging of the guy at the ski shop I bought some. I don't ski in the park, but I like the PE's better than my Rossi B2s as an all mountain ski. They float well enough for all but the deepest powder, are stable at high speed on the groomers, are quick in the bumps, handle the crud....

Everyone is different, but I really like my PE's.
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Rossi's foam cores are soft, K2 PEs are very stiff(for a twin) and lively. Much better ski IMO for anything.
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Public Enemy's are just great!!!!!!!!!

Reguarding the Public enemy and the karma.. I hav skied only the PEand just recently purchased a pair for myself..... I have skied almost all my life (prob around 14 years as I am 17) and can ski anything on piste at mountains such as mammoth, alta, snowbird.....ect.. , in fact I am planning on becoming a ski patroller one day. I just recently got back from 8 days of unbelivable mammoth mountain skiing... Early on in the week when it was mostly groomed and icy due to a bit of rain, my PE's were fact they were much better on the groomed than any other ski I have owned including the volkl 724 pro. As most of you know...mammoth recieved about ten feet of snow in just under three days.......UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! my PE's were great in about 2-4 feet of powder both in and out of the trees......I can't wait to try them out again in a few weeks when I return to my condo in mammoth!!!!!

You should also try the dynastar legend 8800 and maybe even the pro....which will probably be in my quiver within the next few years.

I've also heard only excellent things from the really can't go wrong with volkl.....but then again k2 beats volkl any day on price and are just as good regarding performance and construction ( both wood core my opinion MUCH better than solomon or rossi)

you really can't go wrong with either of these skis
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I'm going to try to demo both back to back this Saturday.

I liked the older PEs in a 169 when I demoed them last year.

The Karma seems similar in flex but I haven't skied on them yet.

I don't love the 1080s that I currently use as my soft snow, trees, and bump ski.
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In comparison to the older PE's, the newer ones are definately a little stiffer, and you can feel the width change, but I found if you get a bit more forward on them than the older ones, they have similar characteristics with a little more float in the newer ones. The biggest difference between the Karma nad PE, like I said before, would be where the waist lies. I find that the PE's waist is more by the toe, so if you ski forward you'd like em. Whereas the Volkl's tend to be more of a european design, where the waist is back a little bit, to me they (Volkl's in general) tend to feel more like a full foot or heal driven ski.

But like I said before, both are great skis, its just matching up the design to how you ski.
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I just got back from my first day on the Karmas and they were exceptional. I stayed out of the park and spent the whole time carving around the mountain... excellent, versatile ski!

However, I will say that if K2 made the PE in 185cm... I probably would have given them a shot because of lower price.
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Keep posting ::::Good Work

Am still waiting on the karmas and wont touch any snow till 23rd. Will be in Niseko, which is getting about 20-30 cm of powder a day at the moment.

Cant wait.

Anyone know how a ski like the Karma is going to perform in waiste deep powder ???
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Originally Posted by audas
Keep posting ::::Good Work

Am still waiting on the karmas and wont touch any snow till 23rd. Will be in Niseko, which is getting about 20-30 cm of powder a day at the moment.

Cant wait.

Anyone know how a ski like the Karma is going to perform in waiste deep powder ???
Hi Audas,

Based on my experience I would want my Expolsives or Mantras for that depth of powder. Here is my detailed review of the Karma.

Have fun,

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