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Demoed Volkl AC2's...

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Just got back from Mt. Shasta - conditions were horrible (rain; only about 3 runs open on thin snow), but I had a blast anyway! First time skiing in 5 years, and first time on sweet demos, and first time with my own boots.

I demoed the Volkl AC2 in 170cm (5'11" & 160#). I thought they were great - did everything I wanted (which wasn't a lot given the conditions). They felt so natural it was like they weren't even there.

So my question is: should a ski be livelier - have more personality than that? I mean, I loved that they didn't talk back, but I'm so used to struggling with straight boards, that I don't quite know how to judge a ski this compliant.
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The AC2 from what I know about Volkls is not a very stiff ski, thus they don't "talk back" much at all. They are probably built with that one quality in mind. If you were looking for something with more life you might try to go to the AC3 or 4. Both of those skis from what I understand are quite lively.
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Greg's got it right. The AC3 is one of the best "transition" skis out there (for folks moving from straights to shaped). Another great ski for this is the Hot Rod series from Nordica (for you, consider the Eliminator or the Nitrous).

There are adjustments to be made in the transition, and coaching helps more than you'll imagine. But, skis like this will allow you to ski more with your old technique and enjoy some of the benefit of the new skis while deciding whether or not you're ready to take the plunge and get some coaching. BTW, among the best coaching out there is the ESA.
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Thanks for the feedback, gents!

That ESA looks like a pretty cool thing...
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Originally Posted by gyro
That ESA looks like a pretty cool thing...
Unbelievable. Really. Check out the Academy forum and read about the recent Eastern Weekend. The faculty for the Snowbird Academy is truly the best of the best.

If you want to get out of those new skis what they can do, come to the ESA if you possibly can! I'll be there!
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