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How often do you wax and sharpen?

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I just recently started tuning my own skis, and I was wondering how often you guys wax and sharpen your skis.
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Here's what I'm doing. Mind you, this is routine maintenance and not counting touch ups in response to encounters w. rocks or very icy conditions.
I bought my skis new this year with lifetime tuning included(basic hot wax and machine sharpen). I take them in for this service every 7-8 ski days.
I ski avg. 25-30 days per season, so this equates to roughly 4 basic tunes/season. Someone skiing 75 days/season would probably stretch it a bit further, as 10 sharpenings a season may remove too much steel.
In between basic tunes, I use an edge sharpener from Toko just to deburr and give a quick edge, and a product called Notwax. It's basically liquid teflon that they claim can be used on top of or in place of wax. I'll also occasionally go for a quick hot wax job on-mountain or nearby if I'm on a multi day trip.

So to summarize, I'm sharpening every 7 or 8 ski days, touching up in between as necessary, and waxing (in some fashion) every other ski day or so.

I'll be interested in the rest of this thread, as I'm kind of new at ski maintenance myself.
Good Luck!
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For tuning info try: tognar.com

This is an excellent tuning/wax site; basics, tools, tips, etc.
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I tune before every race, which is once every 2 weeks, or after 4 days of skiing. Keep in mind tho that I have 2 pairs of skis, so each pair doesn't get tuned to often.
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Wax: 4 days at most ; less with low temp. and abrasive snow. (daily?)
Tune: Check for burrs and touch up daily. Light sharpen with diamond stone every 2-3 weeks unless skiing powder only. More often if skiing ice. Stone grind before new season.

Life is good on well tuned skiis. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Skiing in western mass as an all mountain type I tune the sides weekly, stone grind the base once a season, and wax whenever the mood suits (usually when it's cold and windy outside.)I usually put 90 ski days in a season. ( I live 10 miles from a small area.)

I read in skiing mag and a local shop owner told me that I should only use a diamond stone weekly. I tried that for the first month, but it didn't seem to keep the edge as sharp as I wanted it to be so I went back to a bastard file and use the diamond stone to remove the burrs resulting from the file.

I have always wondered how long my edges would last with the weekly sharpening. I haven't found out, because I get new ski's every 2 seasons.

I have also wondered what the impact to ski performance is to a ski if you don't follow mfg recommendations to side and base bevel. A race coash I respect always tunes 90/90 side and base bevel. I always do 88/89 with Vokle P50 Plat's. He contends it makes no difference. I almost believe him because the difference between the 90 and the 88 degrees is only .003 inches.
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Anything less than 87° one better be very precise with their edge control.

Having been to Toko Wax & Tune clinic and picking the brains of many throughout the years I wrote an article on this. It's on bob's ski page at lacyslatherworks.com

you can print it out but it will turn out 10 pages when it is supposed to be only about 3 pages. My wife double spaced the darn thing because she couldn't get the margins right and keep the paragraphs right. We only have Front Page ver 4... an oldie, and we don't know nuttin' about html.

E-mail me at jyarddog@spiritone.com and I'll send it to you. There are many good waxing procedures. This one has earned me many smiles and praises when people come to pick up their skis after a wax and tune.

In short, when done, you should not be able to see any wax on the bases. The wax belongs inside the base, not on top of it. Wax needs to be out of the structure of the base. Structure is those little lines in the base you can feel with your finger nail when dragged sideways across the ski.

Basic rule of thumb: SKI 2 DAYS, WAX! Yuo can't wax too often!
Tune twice a year unless you notice the edges getting dull sooner. btw- most skis come from the factory at 1° & 1°, give or take a bit. it seems to average out to about 1&1. Anything different from that is according to personal preferences. Bob
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I file bases and edges and hot wax after every week end.
Sometimes I ski different equipment on the two days due to conditions.
I do whatever skis were used, whether one day or two.

Skiing the east, there are always burrs to be removed. Stone first, file, then stone smooth any trace of file activity.

I adhere to flat bases, and 1 degree side bevel.

Once you start feeling the benefits if fresh wax every time, you never want to go back.

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I'll agree with JYD- waxing can never be done too often! I won't even ski on a ski until it has been waxed a half dozen times.(can be done in one evening...)

As far as tuning- maintenance is easier than re-conditioning the ski everytime, so I keep up on the burrs, etc. I will re-tune every 3 days a ski gets used (with occasional slovenliness- 4-5 days) But using several different pairs, it allows me the occasional day off from the tuning bench.
Last night- completely tuned 6 pairs- their last tuning before the Academy. I only have 3 days of skiing between today and the Academy, so they'll be ready to rip when I get there.

By the way- on the evening at the Academy when we have the equipment night- I will be offering a tuning clinic to all participants.

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I tune our equipment every Friday night. We ski weekends. Tuning mostly consists of using diamond stones to deburr and sharpen and waxing. I find the blue DMT stone does a great job. I try not to use a file unless absolutely necessary. I like my skis sharp, like a chef with his knives. Keep ‘em sharp, they work better. So it works out to be every 2 days. If I’m on vacation I still tune every 2 days. It doesn’t take long if you stay on it.

I do give my skis to a friend to put on the Snowell tuning machine at the mountain once a year. This is to make sure the base is flat and the structure is set in.

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Deburr and wax almost every day.
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Originally posted by Jim O'D:
I find the blue DMT stone does a great job. I try not to use a file unless absolutely necessary.

Jim: Why do you not use a file "unless absolutely necessary"? Thanks.
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I wax and sharpen when required. I'll go over the edges and wax after one run if it is an important race. Depends on the situation and snow.
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Sorry I took so long to get back to you. That work thing, you know.

I like to think that my skis are tools. Sharp skis/ tools work better than dull ones. I think we agree on this. If I sharpen my skis constantly they never get dull. You will see chefs sharpen their knives quickly with a steel before they start cutting. This isn’t just for show, it keeps the edge sharp.

If I were to file my skis as often as I stone them I would take off lots of steel. I don’t see the need to do that. The edges on my skis are very thin. Not race stock but they are thinner than most normal skis. I would have very little steel left if I sharpened with a file each time. I do use a file once in a while to play with edge bevel angle or to just really sharpen them after it rains. The temps usually drop and freezes everything. I don’t change bevel angles often, again it takes off too much edge. I ski around 50 days per year. I tune about every two days, so that’s 25 tunes per season. I keep the skis two years so it totals 50 tunes. If I did all that with files there wouldn’t be much edge left. If you keep up on tuning/ stoning, it doesn’t take long and they will cut whatever whenever.

DMT makes, I think, 5 coarseness’ of stones. I use the blue to work out/ in the burrs and sharpen the edges, then use the red stone to polish the edges. I don’t bother with a gummy stone or detuning.

Like I said I do this Friday night. We drive up north, put the kids to bed, throw on some tunes and the basement speakers, get a beer and tune and wax in the basement. Go to bed, get up and ski. Repeat every weekend.

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