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ESA Travel!

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Anyone need a ride from North Tahoe/Reno to ESA? I'm planning on driving out Saturday afternoon or evening depending on my work/teaching schedule at Sugarbowl.

Unfortunatly it's a one way offer. I'm headed to Sun Valley after the ESA to spend a week with some friends and family But I would be happy to share some company on the drive out.

PM me.

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Speaking of travel to ESA - I'm not sure whether I should fly in or drive so I'm looking for some opinions.

Here are the facts:

Flying -
I can fly Delta on FF miles for free - with airport and shuttle "overhead" I figure I'm looking at 6-8 hours to get to Snowbird. I'll have to pay for a shuttle each way and I think it'll be about $100 total. I'll only be able to bring 2 pairs of skis and more limited baggage overall.

Driving -
I could drive from Denver and it will take about 8 hours to get there. I estimate that it will be about $125 in gas for the whole trip. If I drive I have to deal with the inevitable weather issues of course. I would be able to bring a lot more gear though and not worry so much about how much I bring.

Anyone care to share some feedback?
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Based on what you've said Noodler I would drive.
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Sounds about right. Inevitable weather issues apply to flying also!

I'm going to be in Summit County/Vail area the week before, and just going to drive over from there. However, I'm staying down in Sandy, so will be using the car during the week anyway.

Will you be out skiing the week before ESA?

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To do another comparison, check what the Delta flight will cost you in FF miles vs. the actual dollar cost. FF miles are valued at from 1.25 to 1.75 cents per mile. Use the midpoint of that, so if flight requires 25k miles, then if it costs more than $375 ($0.015 * 25,000), you will spend less if you use miles than if you buy the ticket with your dollars. If flight is < $375, pay cash, and use miles for some other flight.

Some other factors for this too, how often you use FF miles -- not often, then little emphasis on the above comparions. Travel internationally? you typically get more out of your FF miles than domestic flights, etc. Rarely use the miles? then skip the above comparison, because holding miles in your account for long perions of time, say five to ten years, means they *will* be devalued over that long a time period (example is you earned X miles, and they are sitting in your account. Those miles can get you two international flights in business class today, but wait five years, and airline raises the number of miles needed to get those two business class international flights, and so your miles were just devalued. Worse, the miles expiration after Y number of years, ... serious devalutaion).

A basic rule is use the miles as you earn them, don't let them sit around, but don't use them for things you can get for less for if paying with dollars.
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Elk - thanks for that education! The flight is a SkySaver (25K), but it would only cost me $200 in cash so I guess I shouldn't burn the FF miles for this (I still have over 200K in miles though).

Chris - I won't be heading out until the Sunday before ESA so I won't be skiing until then.

jgiddyup - yeah, I think I'm definitely leaning toward driving. Too bad I can't head out the day before or I'd follow ssh up.
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We are driving in from The pacific ocean. Should only take about 16 hrs. One nights sleep stop in Winnemucca NV. Arrive SLC in time for dinner. Who is driving the farthest?
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OK - today has been crazy. Realizing that if I drive I need to be prepared I checked out the chain laws in Utah (I had always taken a shuttle for every other trip there). Then I started searching for chains for my car when I figured out that my manual states that chains are incompatible due to the low tire clearance. Luckily I found and learned that there are products made that will work with low tire clearance vehicles (I was about to start booking the plane reservations).

Anyhow I have a lot more to do to prep my car for this trip across Wyoming and into the mountains of Utah, but I'm set on driving to ESA.
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A friend and I made a trip from Va Beach, Va to SLC in 1998 in a Honda Civic. We hit heavy snow and snow covered roads from western Kansas all the way to SLC and made it with no problems other than some slow going. We did by some chains in SLC just in case there were restrictions in the canyons. Didn't have to use them even though we had 4 great powder days and returned them before we left.
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Michelin XRCs are your friend...

Too bad you're not able to come on the 28th, indeed. We'll be in Tim's Yukon XL and we could have caravaned. I still think driving is better, and heading over via I-80 is your best bet.

Also, I think that cgeib was suggesting hooking up in Summit County or Vail the week before (right, Chris?). I'll be at Copper on the 24th, but no other skiing plans for that week (yet?).
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Hi Noodler-
I am not sure your time calculations are correct. I'm flying in to SLC from DIA on United. 0:30 from home to DIA, arriving at the airport 1:15 before departure, 1:20 flight time on Saturday night=3 hours. 30 minutes to get stuff in SLC, and then an hour at most up to the 'bird. That is maybe 4:30 hours total travel time. I was lucky and got a flight for about $200 round trip, plus $50 for the airport transfers up to LCC.

I thought about driving, too, but in the end the cheap airfare won out. I really didn't want to drive all that way at night (I can't leave until Saturday night), especially without company (of course, if I had known others were going to drive from Denver, I might have reconsidered...)
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dp - my timing is a bit different than yours and I think a bit more realistic

1:00 - load up the car travel to DIA, park, and get to the gate
2:00 - lead time until scheduled flight take off (I still use 2 hours to be safe)
1:30 - flight time (taking into account the inevitable delays)
1:00 - depart plane, find luggage, get to shuttle, get loaded on shuttle
1:00 - shuttle ride to Snowbird, unload from shuttle, get to front desk

OK - so let's say 6.5 hours as opposed to 8 hours (like I originally said), but of course you have to deal with many variables that are out of your control.

Too bad we didn't talk earlier or maybe we could have worked out something different.
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Originally Posted by ssh
Also, I think that cgeib was suggesting hooking up in Summit County or Vail the week before (right, Chris?)
That's correct, Steve.

I'll be arriving DIA on 1/20 and meeting a friend to ski 1/20,22,&23 at Breck. I have tenative plans to ski Copper 1/24. Then I don't know exactly where yet between then and when I depart for SLC the morning of the 28th for ESA.
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cgeib - I might be able to do Copper with you on 1/24. I'll let you know as we move closer to that date. Will you have I-net access while you're here in CO?
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I'm guiding at Copper on the 24th. Unless you're meeting someone to ski, let me know if you'd like to be my guest with an OHG group...
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Steve - my goal right now is to get back on the snow by the 24th and try to get some turns in with you (I appreciate your offer to be your "guest"). So I'll let you know when we get closer to the date. I actually thought I was going to be able to get back on skis this weekend when I realized I couldn't even get a boot on my foot.
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If you are at Copper on Tuesday or Wednesday, fill out one of my surveys, amd I'll give you a hor cocoa coupon!
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