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Interconnect Adventure in Utah?

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I want to know the opinion of the Bears about the all day guided tour of the 6 resorts in Utah. It is $175.00 for a full day. You ski betweeen the canyons in the back country to Deer Valley, PCMR, Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, and Brighton.
Does anyone have any experience with this tour? If so, do you feel it was worth it? It says it is for advanced skiiers. We are Navy Blue Intermediates and wide black trail skiiers. Would we be able to keep up with this trip?
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Wish I could help you-but last year when I went to do it it was cancelled due to too much new snow and Avi danger. All accounts say it's great, not to be missed. Bring at least a mid fat-something like a Dynastar 8800. They say intermediates are welcome, but this assumes that you can ski a powder /windpack bowl.
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I see you are from NJ and there is an article on the Interconnect in todays' Star Ledger in the Travel section. I have not read it yet, but maybe you could get some info there.
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What is a navy blue intermediate? Different from, say, a Robin's egg blue intermediate?
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Well. I'm confused it seems- they say advanced- they mean it. I remembered a "strong intermediate" from somewhere but this isn't it.
Best bet is to use your $ for ski school at Alta or Snowbird- Alta's backside and Devil's castle offer most of the kinds of terrain and open spaces you'd encounter on the Interconnect, perhaps with less isolation, but it's pretty gnarly, exiting stuff- as much like ski mountaineering as you'll get in a resort in the lower 48. And it's a good opportunity to really get up to speed on off-piste skiing in a "safe" environment. Once you can ski Alta Birds's off trail stuff with a bit of confidence, or Honeycomb Canyon at Solitude, you're ready for the Interconnect. IMHO. I'll actually show up and do it this year. Last year I had a freebe and it was cancelled because of 19" of new snow. Had to settle for patrolled resort skiing. Tough luck.
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utah interconnect

I did read the article in the Star-Ledger and that is what got me interested in this, so I figured what better way to find out more than to ask the Bears about it?

drb, A "navy blue" intermediate is an advanced intermediate, who can even ski easier black diamonds if conditions are good. You must admit there are differences in trial markings. What one resort considers expert would be an intermediate run at another and vice versa. I'm thinking Okemo black diamonds-most western resorts would call those trails intermediate. I believe I actually read the term here on these boards and it made perfect sense to me. In other words, navy blue is a lot closer to black than royal blue.
get it?

I guess I am not advanced enough for this jaunt. I'll just stick to the resorts on an individual basis. Being an eastern skiier, I am not that good in deep powder anyway. I am perfectly happy just to be skiing in Utah for a few days. I will be trying PCMR, DV, and the Canyons this trip. . I skiied Alta, SB and Sol. two years ago.
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No worries, you'll be back to Utah and will have other opportunities to try the Interconnect. Meanwhile, get out early on powder days.
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I think you're making the correct call, I personally have done the interconnect trip twice and really enjoyed it both times. However, on the first trip there was a fairly strong intermediate skier in the group who had some troubles getting down Grizzly Gulch into Alta as the snow had setup a bit, he was tired and having some issues just getting to the parking lot.
Mr Crab has a great suggestion of building your confidence in the off-piste in-bounds terrain at one of the resorts first, certainly with a lesson if possible.
Have fun either way!
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