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Mont Sainte Marie

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I plan to explore Mont Sainte Marie North of Ottawa this Tuesday. Any, tips, advice, must sees?
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Ghost :
While i never skied it personally, 2 of my ski buddies did . They were NOT iimpressed . They said ONCE AND DONE!! Apparantly its a split area and lacks a well thought-out lift system that actually integrates the two areas well ---so lots of wasted time .

We ski mostly in the Adirondacks and NE and Tremblant but since we all live an Hr south of Ottawa we have skied all the greater ottawa areas .OF those i'd say Camp Fortune or Calabogie Peaks west of the City may be more intereesting , BUT Hey you know what they say about OPINIONS
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I'm skiing with a friend who's bringing his newbie daughters. We went to Calabogie last time with one of his daughters, and she had trouble with that one steep (for green) corner on the green trail at Calabogie, so we decided to try some place else. We are hoping there will be more Green terrain, and I'm hoping that it won't be all green as I still want to test my SCs at speed. I decided not to go to Blue Mountain in the rain. A steeper groomer would be nice.

Camp Fortune is a nice bunny hill.
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I think most people would agree that Mont Sainte Marie is the best ski area within easy driving distance of Ottawa (about an hour's drive). Although nothing to get too excited about, and the layout is not ideal, it's certainly preferable to Camp Fortune, Edelweiss, etc. If you're willing to travel a little further, Tremblant can be reached in less than 2 1/2 hrs, so it can be done as a day trip, but it's a long day.
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