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06 Stockli XL Offroad with marker piston plate

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I have given stockli one more try as this years ski is softer . after my two days on them they were fun but nothing special . so, I took them to a shop and had the bevels changed to .05 and 3 plus added the extension arm to the piston plate . All I can say is holy cow . I was not sure the piston plate or the extension would make that ski better but its a HUGE change to that ski . I found it easier to ski with the piston plate but adding the extension made them even easier to ski . Oh! and at speed you can only imagine the fun .
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Glad it's working for you

This ski shouldn't be just ho, hum,
it's exciting, versatile and rock solid,

I'm actually selling one in a 174 with the marker pistons with the extension, not because I don't like them, but they are a bit short for me and I like the Scott Schmidt a bit better.. (can't keep em all, I guess)

If you know somebody looking, used 2 days, shipping them for the pro price I paid ($775)

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Gator - what was your edge bevel setup before you went to .5 and 3? Stockli advertises their recommended setup as .5 at the tip & tail with 0 underfoot and 1 degree on the sides. That is NOT what I found though on either my XLs or DPs when I received them. They were barely .5 down the entire length of the edge (almost flat really) and about 2 degrees on the sides.

This year I said "screw it" when it came to maintaining my edge bevels across my quiver - I used to have different setups for all of my skis and I was tired of remembering what I was using for each ski at tune-up time. This year I've been doing everything at 1 & 3 - even the Stocklis. I have to admit that much of my new found enjoyment on my XLs may not only be due to the binding remount that's more forward, but also due to the the more "forgiving" 1 degree base bevel and the more "biting" 3 degree side bevel. I'm not surprised to see your comments on this either.

I'm not so sure how much the piston extension arm is doing for you though. That really only affects the rebound smoothness after the turn compression. Some have said that they don't like what the Turbo arm does to the "lively" feel of some skis.

I honestly don't see why I should bother with anything but the 1 & 3 setup on all my skis now.
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Stockli XL offroad

I am not sure what the factory beverls were but the new set up is great . I have the worldcup piston plate and not the turbo model . The Arm made a difference on the groomers at high speed .
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