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“Wolf ears”

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speaking of helmets and dreaming of things not offered…what I would like to see is a set of “Wolf ears” that would fit into my [img]smile.gif[/img] helmet. Wolf ears are earmuffs for hunters with built in microphone/amplifiers that improve your hearing dramatically while controlling the overall intensity to under 80 decibels. Such as when the rifle discharges…There are even ones that have a plug for radio or music input. Life is good! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ryel, in Oregon it is illegal to hunt from a chair lift, with the notable exception of shotgun hunting of the elusive Californicator. That in mind what are you going to use these Wolf Ears for? Your children are adult or nearly so, so it isn't to eliminate the sounds of squalling brats. So, Why?

But come to think of it, a little highpowered rifle play early on a powder day might just thin out the crowds.

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I've often thought the helmet of the future will be fully wired with headset, microphone and "visor" or goggles integrated in.

Headset will have music pickup with a second channel for your personal radio channel for keeping in touch with the family. Music might even be from an MP3 player embedded in the helmet itself.

Visor would include a heads-up display with radar enhancements to accentuate terrain variations. Radar will also drive an audible alarm through the earphones as a collision warning to avoid other skiers, trees, safety bars being put down on the lift, etc. Headsup display should include speed, temperature, altitude and angle of decent.

And I'll go back to wearing a wool hat to get away from it all.
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Wow Ray, Great idea, with wolf ears we might be able to hear some of those Texans and boarders before they run us down.



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Originally posted by Maddog1959:
Ryel, in Oregon it is illegal to hunt from a chair lift,

That in mind what are you going to use these Wolf Ears for?

Well now, first you got to locate the source then you can focus on the hunt. Just because it's illegal doesn't mean you can't do it!! you just got to be a bit circumspect and take a bit of care...

now as to why? I like to hear whats coming up my '6' and with the helmet on it's to often 'after the fact'. Also my old ears just can't make out what the wife is saying...not a bad thing but she can get testy about it. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Now about that collision alarm thing...maybe around Bend that would be handy.
pray for snow...I'm getting crazy
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I had "Wolf ears" about 15 years ago,when they first come out and they were huge.

I now have electronic ear muffs made for Dillon precision by
They work great for what they are designed for and are much smaller...they are even stereo.

I like your idea of enhanced hearing so we could hear boarders or whomever sneaking up on us....BUT...Unfortunatly elecrtonic ear muffs suck in the wind. They only quiet down pulses of loud noise[like the report of a firearm] Constant sounds[like wind] gets amphified and is very loud and annoying.

This concept need some work. How bout a heads up display with some kind of doppler system. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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