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How do you do it? How do you guide your board through a turn? Is one way better than another? For those that that teach, how do you teach it?
my assumption here is the level of rider would be someone who is able to traverse successfully and can steer the board with one foot when getting of the lift. other assumption is that this is not a child, so an adult or person with more strength than a little one.

if they can traverse across the slope and have already practiced board control with feet (ankle) movements, controlling slipping, i would have them go into garlands experiementing with feet, and then rotorary movements from the hip (using the knee to outline the nose of the board either clock-wise or counter clock-wise semicircles, but that can be hard for some).

from garlands, get them to initiate turns, keeping eyes on direction of travel, adding flexion/ext movements too, and watching those reference alignments before,during,after the turn, while they use control and fall line to initiate/shape/finish their turns.

but i try to communicate this in much fewer words and of course every lesson is different, so its just one approach.