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Skiing Utah (Snowbird, Alta, Brighton) Tickets?

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I finally have a confirmation on where I will be traveling to ski this year. Originally my trip was planned for BC Canada, but that fell through, and Utah is now the state of choice. So, I need to know where to get passes for 6 days of skiing at the above resorts. So far the best thing I have found is the Salt Lake Super Pass, but I would have to buy two. Let me know if there is a cheaper way to go.
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You can purchase daily lift tickets at Canyon Sports, REI etc. for the mentioned resorts. A few bucks off what have to be the most reasonable tickets in a major area before the discount. The Super Pass is available at participating hotels. Good deal too because I think it includes the bus fare.
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Smith's Grocery (SmithsTix) sells discount Snowbird passes- Although their ticket counter doesn't open until 9am, so get them the night before. Canyon Sports is also a good source although Smiths can be easier to find. I haven't ever seen any discount Alta passes... But anything is possible-
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Just returned tonite from a 8 days of straight skiing in Utah (snowbird, solitude, brighton, Alta, snowbasin). The manager of the condo we stayed in sold superpasses and they were an excellent value. I'd definately reccomend going that route. Also I enjoyed solitudes terrain more than brightons (check out summit lift on powder days for solitude), (Alta was my favorite). Snowbird has pretty shoddy coverage right now, so if you're heading out soon be aware. I believe the pass can be purchased for 6 days out of seven, and I'm looking at one right now. We did a 5 of 7 and a 2 of 7 and bought tickets at snowbasin. No matter how you buy tickets you'll have a great time.

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From Canyon Sports website these are the regular and their discounted lift ticket prices:

ALTA $49.00/ $45.00
BRIGHTON $44.00/ $40.00
BRIGHTON-NIGHT $28.00/ $19.00
SNOWBIRD TRAM $61.00/ $53.00
SNOWBIRD CHAIR $51.00/ $45.00
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And don't forget the Park City Quick Start program. Here is the form: http://www.parkcityinfo.com/skiing/q...start-form.htm

Be sure to click on the restrictions at the bottom, read and understand them! But if it works for you, this is a great way to spend a day skiing at Deer Valley on the day you arrive.

Usually this is an extra free day of skiing that is pretty cool.


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Thanks Mark. Just got my voucher for 2/14. Had forgotten about that great deal!!!
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Oh, crap. I wish I'd known about this; our flight gets in too late.

Also, unfortunately, we can't get superpasses from the condo we're staying at, so the rest of the info will definitely help out.

We seem to be in Park City during the Sundance film festival, entirely by accident, but the good news is that apparently, the slopes are clear then!
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Smiths is often best for Snowbird.

The Lift House Ski Shop (don't have their website handy) has discounts
to just about everywhere (compare them to Canyon Sports) and is very
convenient. They are at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon just
behind the 7-11.
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Delta you will have a good time Sundance can be a lot of fun. Just be warned that it will be impossible to get into any of the better Restaurants in town as they will be booked for privet parties. With a little luck you can snag a few tickets to some of the films and the people watching on Main St is great.
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