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My son (22 yrs old) and myself took his 18 yr old fraternity brother to Colorado this past week. My son is an accomplished snowboarder but Andy had never been skiing before. The first day was at Loveland. My son gave him a 5 minute lesson and we all went to the top of Chair 2. I asked my son if he was going a little fast with this lesson business and maybe we should start slower. He said no, that Andrew would catch on fine. Well, once at the top, Andy flew past me with arms flailing (no fear) and I thought "maybe we should have worked a little more on turns and stopping." He hit some soft snow and did a magnificent face plant and came up laughing.
To make a long story short, Andy was with us on some easy blacks by the days end. My son and I like the steeper parts of the mountain, especially the trees. We had great powder (snowed the whole time we were there). We hit Keystone, Copper and Winter Park the next three days and Andy was with us the whole time. We would go through the warning gates at Winter Park and I'd ask "are you sure you are OK with this?" His standard answer was "Let's do it." He was now skiing moguls and deep powder and doing it very well.
I'm sure that my son is a good teacher and 18 yr olds learn fast! Skiing with your son is a great experience and this trip was special.
I'm now going to ask him to start on my wife so she can get off the greens and bues.