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Salomon XWave 9.0's

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I just purchased a pair of XWave 9.0's through a friend who has a relative in the industry. My question has to do with breaking them in. They have a CustomFit liner and since I didn't get them at a shop, I don't want to screw them up by not setting them properly. Can anyone give me any tips or instructions on proper break in of the CustomFit liner?

Thanks as always for the info.
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I ski the same boot only last years model.I also did not get them from a shop.The liner is heat moldable and if that is what you want to do than i recommend taking them to a shop.I skiied mine for about 50 days now,never had the liner molded,just put them on out of the box and away I went.I do lay my boots on the front floor board of my truck on the way up the mountain to warm them up,maybe this heated the liner enough to mold it?Great boots,did move the instep buckle to the upper position to better lock down foot without causing instep pain,made a big difference.oh and replaced stock power strap with booster strap.
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You will need to take them to a shop as you need a hot blower to raise the temperature enough.

Ambient temp from a car or even a normal boot dryer will not heat the liners up enough to hold a mold.
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HVS, Take them to either Ski North or Center Ski and pay a few bucks to have the liner heat molded. It's worth the investment.
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I just bought last year's XWave 9.0. ('03 model)

Should custom insoles be dealt with (purchased / fitted etc) first BEFORE heatmolding the liner? Or do you do it the other way around?

My '03 model doesn't mention heat moldable insole, but the '04 models DO have a heatmoldable insole (as well as the liner). BUt I guess custom ones would be better anyway?
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Yes you should get custom footbeds.

The trouble with getting footbeds after heat molding the boot is your foot may sit differently after the arch is supported and any other tweaks a boot tech may make.

If you are going to eventually get footbeds, get them now and then mold the liners.
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Which footbeds do you recommend?

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I use Superfeet but that is only because the place I went had those.

There are many different companies and many different models so I would go to a good bootfitter and let them decide what is best for you.
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stupid double post

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Are the SuperFeet you mentioned custom or do you get them off the rack. I bought a pair of footbeds for ski boots off the rack. They made a difference but I am not sure they are what everyone is buzzing about. The one's I purchased cost about $40. Not sure if that matters but I wanted you perspective.

Thanks again.

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They were custom fitted.

Some people have only used off the rack ones and been happy but custom fitted ones are much better in my opinion.

A good bootfitter will not only mold a footbed to your foot but they will grind it and adapt your boot to fit your specific mechanics.
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