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First, I apologize for posting in this section, but I couldn't find the right area to put this.

Epic Ski held its annual 'Eastern Tune-up' last weekend at Stowe. This is the third year my wife and I have attended. As usual the coaching was as good as coaching ever gets. My wife worked with Jeb Boyd from the PSIA Demo Team, and I worked with Bob Barnes, THE Dean of Ski Instruction (assisted one morning and in video review by Doug Stewart of Stowe - an outstanding young skier, instructor - and bootfitter).

By now we expected to be fine tuning our skiing, but as always happens, sadly, there are issues that go beyond 'fine tuning'.

This was the first time I was able to work with Bob. Bob was able to diagnose, make clear to me, and show me how to correct poor movements in my skiing. By the time we hit the video analysis, I was able to see exactly what was going on and understand why it was hindering my skiing (kudos to Doug here as well). I'd add, for those of you who have not had time to talk with Bob, he is a fine person to spend time with. [I'll leave it to my wife to write about Jeb's coaching, but you'll hear similar comments.]

In any case, these gents are the real deal. If you're looking for some real coaching and not the mediocrity on-hand in too many ski 'schools' check these folks out. We're already looking forward to next year's event - our 4th time around.