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Salomon S810 Forward pressure

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S810 forward pressure, what aligns?
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To move the heel you pry up a tab on the back. On that tab you will notice an arrowhead point out on each side. Beside the tab is an indented area on each side. The arrowhead tips need to be in the indented area when the boot is in the binding.
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Thanks Rio.
I "bayed" some 810s to go with 1080s (171cms, they are short dogs anyway) for my wife. If they were Look/Rossi, I would know.
Have fun
While i am at it, do you snug the toe wings sideways and drop them (business card on afd)?
Been a long time since working with Salomon.
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Drop the toe height to .5mm (~business card) first then adjust the wings.
Check the toe to make sure it is sitting up aganist the wings, sometimes it gets caught on the fins on the toepiece and isn't properly lifted, which causes the toe height to be way too great and results in early releases.
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Thanks, I see the order:
forward pressure, height, wings.
Have a good season.
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when you place the business card under the boot is your foot in the boot
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i am 15 and a racer
i set my DIN higher but i was turning the wrong screw and i found out it was the toe height screw
i have set it back to normal but i was wondering if i needed to change the forward pressure even though i have the same boots
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No, it is not in the boot.
But you can pull back on the cuff to make sure
the spacer card is snug with rear lean.
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