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Do any of y'all use any of the energy goo products (i.e., cliff shots)? I've always been a bite of granola bar here and there kind of guy, but this year I've been eating a Cliff Shot or two a day. And I've totally been dig'n 'em. They come in the absolute ideal form for ski packing, and it takes just about your average lift ride to suck one down. And they seem to be very good at evening out my evening out my energy level if I'm skiing a long morning, or afternoon.

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So-so OK

Kind of a shot of nothing-but-cake icing; that energy wears off in less than 20 minutes.

Flavored honey sticks work well too, but after a while you just want salt.

Hot chicken bouillon in a thermos.
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I keep a pack of GU in my jacket pocket for that rare case of the mad elvis syndrome (unstoppable spasing of the leg due to an onset of pre-hypoglycemic levels), they work good and most importantly taste good. THe Power bar gels also taste good, but taste is all relative, I practically live on those in the summer when doing long runs so im kinda used to them .
Power bars, now those are a whole different ordeal...talk about trying to chew into something at 20F that's already in a frozen state at room temps!
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