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Suggestions for Colorado

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I'm interested in travelling with my wife to CO from SoCal. Will be there Sunday thru Thursday, skiing 3 days. Please advise me on a worthwhile mountain.

I can ski most blacks and some double blacks. She boards blacks but prefers easy, wide open blacks and blues. We'd prefer some decent nightlife, but it isn't absolutely essential.

Thanks for your input.
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you will more than likely get a lot more information than you want need or can use. the reality is that there are a multitude of choices none of which are bad. colorado has enjoyed record december snowfalls.

nightlife? it will typically consist of a small bar with a local band playing IF you are lucky.

if you have no budget and are visiting for the first time i guess you have to suggest aspen or vail.

if you stay in a motel in the town of frisco you can venture withen an hour to seven nearby resorts (vail, beaver creek, copper, breck, keystone, a-basin, loveland). tack on another half hour and add two more (steamboat, winter park)

i live/work in winter park because i like "the jane", and love the town. at present we are claiming the highest snowfall total in the area, although in reality everyone is getting snow.

if i was making a choice mine would be winter park or steamboat.
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