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Best Resorts & Prices at Tahoe

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I am from Colorado and will be at Lake Tahoe for a conference in late January.

What resorts do people recommend? I will have a day and a half for some skiing.

Also, where is the best places to buy ski tickets? What are the tricks to avoid paying the inflated prices slopeside?
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i would go with travellodge for best price, walk to heavenly gondola and casinos and quality of hotel.
if you want the same but cheap, go roomsintahoe.com, if you want the same but pricey go casinos.
you can usually stop in the ski shops on ski run blvd. and they will have discounts to some mountains. all dont give discounts.
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Wheres conference? My Opinions based on 25 yrs skiing Tahoe and running races at almost every resort for 22 yrs:

Started to make statement but can't until know more 1 and a half days skiing, where are you No. or So. shore etc. what type skier, are you interested in going lst class for ski/food/lodging or save money etc. Let me/us know and can help you out.
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